aklex prime warframe

These are the best possible stats for the Aklex Prime Riven in order of priority. ARCHGUN ARCHMELEE MELEE PISTOL PRIMARY SENTINEL WEAPON . Aklex Prime is the Primed version of Aklex, and consists of a pair of hard hitting semi-automatic pistols. Last Edited: 9 Mar 2014 6:53 pm. The Aklex Prime is Warframes version of the twin Deagles with their powerful sound and recoil that resembles the weapon perfectly and comparably its destructive potential as well. Aklex Prime is the Primed version of Aklex, and consists of a pair of hard hitting semi-automatic pistols. Aklex. 150.0 ( 80%) Slow reload spe… Secondary 25.33 % Axi … Aklex. Tenno Weapons. Negative fire rate is problematic for this weapon with its already slow fire rate that potentially lowers its DPS. The Aklex Prime are Tenno heavy pistols that have high puncture damage great for dealing with heavily armored units that have an increased magazine count compared to the solo version with higher recoil being that it is an akimbo weapon. Set Set Set Set Set Overview Prices Trade 1. The playstyle is different, Lex lending itself to long range combat, while AkLex is a midrange weapon. Aklex Prime is the Primed version of Aklex, and consists of a pair of hard hitting semi-automatic pistols. ●●○○○(0.85) Compared to a single Lex, the Aklex have a higher rate of fire and magazine size. Ammo efficient.Disadvantages: 1. Aklex Prime Prices from the Trade Chat and Warframe Market. Pistol Many people would be calling it an upgrade. What it lacks in raw dps it makes up for in pure epic style. Introduced AKLEX PRIME - Limited Edition Weapon 4 forma - Warframe, AKLEX PRIME - Real Stopping Power 6 forma - Warframe, Warframe - All Prime Secondaries - Weapon Animations & Sounds (2013 - 2019), Warframe - All Prime Weapon Reloads in 1 minute (2013 - 2019). Miscellaneous 1: Axi … Orokin Weapons Prime. Using four 60/60 mods and Sure Shot increases the status chance a bit over 100% and Stunning Speed also adds a bit of a boost to that status while providing an increase in reload speed. Vaulted. It might be a funny scene, movie quote, animation, meme … Max Ammo Radiation works best for this build due to it being the least resisted element against hard to kill enemies which include those from the Grineer and Corpus factions. Pistol Gambit increases critical chance, complimenting the high damage output of the Aklex Prime. Hotfix 19.8.1 25.33 % Axi H2 Relic. This weapon becomes very deadly in the hands of an accurate user as they can deal severe damage from any range. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. WARFRAME WEAPON . The Void Relics containing the Aklex Prime components can be purchased from Baro Ki'Teer in the Concourse section of the Tenno Relay; the Axi A2 costs 45,000‍45,000 and 50‍50 each, while the Neo O1 costs 55,000‍55,000 and 125‍125 each. Uninfluenced honest opinions about the industry and its current state. Top Contributors: Keylimepies, Scorpioofshadows, JonRyan-IGN + more. If you like warframe-builder.com and would like to support me, give me a hand or return the favor for the five years I worked on this app (not sure it's a good way to say it, I've always been bad for asking help), please consider trying my kinetic novel, available on Steam. The Aklex Prime being a prime weapon can only be attained by opening up relics of the corresponding weapon part which is the Aklex Prime Blueprint and Aklex Prime Link. AKLEX. ARCHGUN ARCHMELEE MELEE PISTOL PRIMARY SENTINEL WEAPON . The AkLex Prime is a dual secondary with the highest MR lock of all weapons currently, at MR15. AKLEX. Fire Rate Changed Aklex series disposition from Strong to Neutral. High critical chance. Very high base damage. The Aklex Prime has great damage but has a few setbacks like its high recoil and slow reload times. 1: Axi A9 Relic. Find Buyers of Aklex (Prime), and get in touch with them easily! Negative Impact this can be ok for this riven as a negative since the Aklex is not lacking in damage so enemy shields would not be much of an issue. 3. You can take any video, trim the best part, combine with other videos, add soundtrack. This hybrid build improves the overall base stats of the Aklex Prime so it can be used in most missions while retaining its great stopping power and improves on one of the main setbacks of the weapon which is recoil. Damage tests + weapon builds. Total Damage Functionally very similar to its single handed counterpart, the Lex Prime, the Aklex Prime trades some … The Aklex Prime and the Akvasto Prime in a head to head battle. Item Count Source; LEX PRIME. This build focuses more on the base physical stat of the Aklex Prime and at least one element to take advantage of enemy weaknesses. Aklex Aklex Prime Build 2020 (Guide) - The Dual Deagles (Warframe Gameplay) The Aklex Prime is the first weapon ever to require Mastery Rank of fifteen but it was never one of the most powerful secondary weapons to build. 3. What makes the AkLex Prime worse than the normal Lex Prime is the crafting costs involved. AKLEX PRIME. 2.0x Low Slash and Impact damage – less effective against health and shields. SHIFT + F. Notifications. Compared to Lex Prime: the Aklex Prime has higher Sustained DPS (332.6 vs 245.5) and higher burst DPS (504 vs 393.8). Negative Ammo Capacity would be ok for this weapon since it can easily be mitigated by ammo converters. Aklex Prime. Functionally very similar to its single handed counterpart, the Lex Prime, the Aklex Prime trades some accuracy and reload speed for an improved rate of fire and magazine capacity.

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