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Discover wellbeing in Finland. They’re no view on earth quite like the aurora, and you certainly won’t forget this experience! Experience Aurora Borealis in the arctic wilderness, stay at the ICEHOTEL, drive your own dog sled team. The new glass-roofed, arctic view rooms offer an opportunity to experience Lapland’s ever-changing nature while enjoying the comforts of a hotel room. dog sledding?!). The southern edge of Lapland lies right at the southern edge of the Aurora Zone, and the northern border of Finland is right above the other edge of the Aurora Zone. The glass igloos by Santa’s Hotel Santa Claus were opened in December 2016 at the Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi. This is another popular national park in Finland. The Northern Lights are visible on roughly 200 nights a year – or every other clear night – in Finnish Lapland. The residents of this small, lakeside community claim it’s the best spot in Finland to see the Northern Lights. I've traveled to Finland a lot more since moving to Norway than I had expected to. You might have to walk a little way outside the city for the best view, but it can sometimes be seen even within its limits. Return flights from Heathrow/Manchester via Helsinki to Ivalo (Ask for other airports) Airport transfers – so you don’t need to worry about getting from A to B; 4 nights in a Superior Sauna Room with Panorama window at our Nangu Boutique Hotel (Perfect for Northern Lights) The Lapland area is where folks go to snowshoe, hike or dog sled their way to some of the most unreal viewing points to see the colorful display. Experience the Arctic Circle…, The glass igloos at Santa's Hotels are intended for year-round use. As Helsinki is home to over 600,000 and snow amplifies the light pollution of the city, it’s a special night when you get a really great aurora show – but it’s definitely possible! Adults Northern lights holiday 2020 – 4 nights/5 days. More info. The best place to watch the Northern Lights in Finland is as close as possible to the Arctic Circle in Lapland.National parks, such as Pallas-Yllästunturi, Lemmenjoki and Urho-Kekkonen, are ideal, with organised tours taking you deep into remote, forested regions where a lack of light pollution and localised vantage points provide the best chance of sightings. Eight months of incredible northern lights. Solar Cycle and Aurora Borealis: Is 2020 a good year to see the Northern Lights? The season for northern lights in Finland is quite long and stretches from September through March. It was a magical experience seeing the northern lights from our igloo bungalow in Kakslauttanen Resort in Lapland, Finland. More info. These heated luxury tents, modeled on traditional Sámi reindeer herder kota tents, can be erected in remote and private locations in the beautiful wilderness of Finnish Lapland. The claim: A photo showing swirling lights is a photo of the northern lights in Finland. Northern Lights forecast Finland. Saariselkä is another popular tourist area located in the mountains of Finland. Speaking of translations, this classical name for the northern lights was coined by Galileo, and means “north wind.” As you can only see the aurora borealis in the northern hemisphere, and it dances like the wind across the sky, this name makes sense too! If you can’t plan a trip further north to see the northern lights from one of these destinations, you might wonder if it’s possible to see them at all. The view down towards Levi village is amazing even without the Aurorae blazing in the sky. Winter is long in Finland, giving you ample opportunity to visit and see the northern lights. From late August (though more commonly after the autumnal equinox in September), you can see aurora on a dark night in northern Finland. Experience the Northern Lights in the outermost regions of Finland and Norway – Saariselkä to Tromsø including an expedition to the North Cape Plateau. More info. The northern region of Finland, called Lapland, is the best place to see the Northern Lights. It’s isolation from city lights also makes it very easy to see the Northern Lights. Helsinki Rovaniemi Lapland Region Inari. in Tromsö) one can see Northern lights almost every night. It’s lack of light pollution also makes it an ideal spot to view the Northern Lights. In fact, under the right conditions, you can see the northern lights anywhere in Finland! In Sea Lapland the nature presents its beautiful light show from early autumn until late spring. The igloos offer an unique experience in the embrace of the Northern Lights and the Finnish Lapland nature. There are several good northern lights forecast tools you can use in Finland: When you do see the northern lights, don’t be surprised if you’re a bit speechless – even if you’ve seen them before. More info. Its isolation from the rest of civilization makes it very easy to find the Northern Lights. The number one item of everybody’s Finnish bucketlist is to experience the Northern Lights (the green rays of light seen at the beginning of Disney’s Frozen). The best way to view them is by renting one of its glass villas. There are 12 tours to choose from, that range in length from 3 days up to 10 days.

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