marshmallow leaf magical properties

Marshmallow mucilage is a polysaccharide with a very thick, slippery consistency. The leaves and roots both contain mucilaginous and antibacterial properties that has a soothing effect on inflamed membranes in the mouth and throat. Marshmallow is a protective and cleansing herb. Burning marshmallow leaves in a smudge stick or bowl purify an area, indoors or out. ( Log Out /  Note: This post contains affiliate links to the herbs I talk about here. The key words here are “soothing,” “protecting,” and “comforting.” On a physical level, the mucilage in marshmallow root soothes irritated membranes, forms a protective layer, and brings comfort. Marshmallow Magickal Uses Marshmallow is a protective and cleansing herb. (Some sources say that the slippery marshmallow extract was even used as a lubricant, so using it in sex and fertility magic isn’t much of a stretch!) Mar 2, 2020 - Purchase your Marshmallow Leaf from Hermits’ Cupboard today in 14g (0.5 oz.) I usually do this if I have a sore throat — the mucilage and the warmth are really soothing. Steep the leaves and flowers in oil and use the oil to anoint yourself when you feel the need to be protected from negativity or ill wishes toward you. ... Althea (Althea officinalis) aka marshmallow, sweet weed, wymote Feminine. Ancient herbal medicines contain the marshmallow herb used as a tea or tonic. (Some sources say that the slippery marshmallow extract was even used as a lubricant, so using it in sex and fertility magic isn’t much of a stretch!). Repeat it when you feel it’s stopped working to maximum effect. To improve fertility and life-giving energy, collect a few marshmallow seeds under the light of the full moon and use them in sachets or aphrodisiac powders. Ginkgo is an absolutely fascinating herb, magickally speaking. Marshmallow root boiled in a little sugar and (the root was in the original marshmallow confectionery) sucked eases a sore throat. Alyssum (Alyssum spp.) Echinacea petals can help boost clairvoyant and psychic abilities; its seeds can be used in fertility and abundance spells, and its root provides protective power. Marshmallow leaf contains less mucilage than the root. 4. Marshmallow root is specific for digestive disorders, while the leaf is favored for respiratory or urinary problems. Take 3 times daily. Topical products made from marshmallow can also help speed up the healing of wounds, by protecting damaged areas from bacterial infection. Due to its emollient properties, marshmallow is one of the most effective herbs for moisturising and softening the skin. It’s not for the flavor, either — marshmallow root doesn’t really have much of one. ORAL DRUGS Moderate The mucilage in marshmallow might impair absorption of oral drugs (1, 11, 12, 19) As its name implies, marsh mallow (Althea officinalis) is considered a water herb. Venus. Marshmallow is also used, typically, for allergic rhinitis that has a strong mucus component (aka yellow or green). Prefers full sun, in very hot climates. Marshmallow (Yao Shu Kui) Botanical Name: Althaea officinalis. But it is not suggested you smoke marshmallow plant as there are side effects. Althaea officinalis (Marshmallow) Leaf $9.99 It’s often associated with deities of love and beauty, and used in fertility and attraction spells. Planted on or near gravesites for protection peace and light. Marshmallow plant enriches its surroundings for love and fertility spells and is suitable for handfastings or to simply celebrate your love. There are much more beneficial properties, Let’s take a look at the various beneficial aspects that can be found in Marshmallow leaves. LITHIUM Moderate Marshmallow is thought to have diuretic properties. This Watery herb has been used in Europe for two millenia to help with coughs, as a diuretic, and typically for a Venus herb, to treat wounds and issues of the skin. Mucilaginous herbs like marshmallow root may inhibit coughing by forming a protective coating on the mucosal lining of the respiratory tract, shielding it from irritants.2,6 Marshmallow reduces the transport velocity of isolated ciliary epithelia and may protect mucous layers in the hypopharynx, exert spasmolytic, antisecretory, and bactericidal properties.2 Antitussive activity has been demonstrated by oral doses of marshmallow root extract and a marshmallow polysaccharide (100mg/kg and 50mg/kg respectively) in … The herb (not the pillowy sweet treat!) sizes. It’s considered to be a favorite of benevolent spirits. Marshmallow leaves and flowers offer sweet parting in departing rituals and to honour the dead. Theoretically, due to these potential diuretic effects, marshmallow might reduce excretion and increase levels of lithium. Make sure that it’s an achievable number. This property is characterized by softening, protecting … Marshmallow flowers and fresh tender young leaves freshen and enliven a salad. Even if you don’t regularly perform spiritwork or work with the dead, marshmallow’s a helpful herbal ally to keep around. You can find shredded, ready-to-use marshmallow root from retailers like Mountain Maus Remedies and Grassroots Herb Supply. Just like damiana, it makes a good base to any herbal mixture. Will tolerate a degree of saltiness in the soil. ( Log Out /  Protection, Moderating Anger. Add 1 teaspoonful of chopped root to 1 cup water and gently boil for 10 minutes. Be the forest cryptid you want to see in the world. Pour 1 cup boiling water over 1-2 teaspoonfuls of dried leaves, leave for 10minutes. The leaf of this plant is used for travel safety. Benefits of Marshmallow Botanicals that are demulcents like marshmallow have a calming effect on the mucus membranes they come into contact with because they contain mucopolysaccharides. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). Offers astral protection when the dried leaves are placed under the pillow. It relaxes the mind when smoked on its own, and produces a euphoric feeling. Connected to the moon and the goddesses Althea, Aphrodite, and Venus. Marshmallow can be found growing in damp environments such as riverbanks, seascapes, and marshes. Marshmallow plant is a beneficial herbal medicine throughout Asia. marshmallow is the go-to ingredient when dealing with many gastrointestinal and respiratory issues. Marshmallow root can also be used externally; with its soothing, emollient and healing properties it is ideal for application to light burns, minor wounds or eczema. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. They do not store well. I will never share your information with anyone. Common medicinal uses of Marshmallow plant : Eases sore throats - Has a soothing effect on inflamed membranes in the mouth and throat. (I’d also eat my weight in toasted vanilla Smash Mallows if science would let me, but that’s a subject for another time. Soothes a sore throat and cleanses the gastrointestinal tract. Its magical mucilage property gives it a glue-like quality that has lent this often overlooked herb the reputation as a necessary inclusion in the cupboards of herbal tea aficionados around the globe.

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