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Seek out cross-industry collaboration to advance the function and build talent—examples include PhactMI, the Medical Affairs Leadership Academy (MALA), and the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS). In a healthcare environment that is increasingly complex, unpredictable, and regulated, Medical Affairs should devote early focus to building strategic a… The focus of the role will be to provide strategic medical and scientific leadership to ensure a successful launch for adagrasib. Learn about Fast forward and medical affairs now encompasses strategy, safety, communications, post-launch trials, field teams and much more – a sort of command central of pharma. As described in the book Understanding Pharma: The Professional’s Guide to How Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies Really Work, when a drug emerges from clinical development and is on the cusp of commercialization, Medical Affairs will lead the effort to explain to potential healthcare prescribers the real-world applications of the drug through the dissemination of unbiased clinical and scientific information. The pharmaceutical industry must rise to new challenges, market access, value-based healthcare and outcome management are key topics, Creating meaningful impact in healthcare & life sciences together. Matthias Evers is a senior partner in McKinsey’s Hamburg office, Arnie Ghatak is a senior partner in the New Jersey office, Brindan Suresh is a partner in the London office, and Ann Westra is a senior expert in the Minneapolis office. We'll email you when new articles are published on this topic. The winners in an era of Big Data will transform medical affairs teams into medical value teams with three strategic roles: communicating scientific evidence, providing market-based strategic input to drug development and portfolio management, and overseeing the effort to produce Big Data and real-world evidence. Use minimal essential Regulatory. Advanced analytics of patient data have become central to supporting decision making on product use and to demonstrating patient value. Modernize ways of working to embrace new value-creation opportunities and build strategic leadership know-how with enhanced skills and capabilities to cement strong partnerships with R&D and commercial. Examples of our projects in Medical Affairs strategy: Medical Affairs is the medical face of (bio)pharmaceutical companies: Webinar: Medical Affairs delivering optimum care. Something went wrong. Track A: Tailor Global Medical Strategy Based on the Needs of Regional Partners Track B: Case Study: Review the Impact of Real-World Evidence on Medical Affairs Strategy Track C: Panel: How Medical Affairs Can Help Prepare the Market for a New Drug Launch Track D: Discuss Key Strategies for your Internal Investigator Initiated Study Operations Medical education has the highest impact on net promoter score (NPS) and awareness among the medical channels and HCP’s express clear desire for increased channel use. The Value of Medical Affairs: Defining Strategic Metrics to Demonstrate Impact Objectives We will help you navigate through challenging market demands. Download the full paper from which this article is adapted, A vision for medical affairs in 2025 (PDF-2.4MB). The online version of this course will cover the same modules, but the format and timing will be adapted to suit the online training setting. The authors wish to thank Elizabeth Holt, Ivan Ostojic, Claudia Pradel, and Alexandra Zemp for their contributions to this article. The four pillars can There is an increased trend to evidence-based decisions. With a core focus on medical affairs executive strategy, MSL activities, and investigator-initiated research, this event features entire days dedicated to these groups and allows cross-functional managers and team members to align their strategies and tactics in an effective way. Agenda of The Strategic e-Medical Affairs Course. I am a PhD Regulatory Pharmacist with legal training and certifications in healthcare compliance and various certifications, I provide: Apply to Program Officer, Program Manager, US Commercial Country Lead and more! Directly address patient medical needs, for example, through a seamless combination of engagement on social platforms and new tools that support patients on their medical journey. We use cookies essential for this site to function well. Online - See the full schedule of events happening Jun 1 - 5, 2020 and explore the directory of Speakers & Attendees. We expect to see a clear articulation of clinical and economic value to providers, corporatized providers, and patients. 22 Journal for Clinical Studies Volume 9 Issue 3 Nowadays, medical affairs plays a key role in communication, What is Medical Affairs? The below detailed agenda is for the face-to-face format. Medical Affairs is uniquely positioned to connect stakeholders We are reaching a turning point in healthcare; aging populations and rise in chronic diseases are amplifying medical needs, whilst unprecedented number of innovations and breakthrough treatments is exerting ever greater pressure on healthcare budgets. Medical Affairs need to be prepared to share knowledge and educate internal and external stakeholders throughout all product lifecycle phases: Increased market dynamic, portfolio growth and complex products continually drive the need to strategically allocate medical education budgets to avoid major increase in spending. For decades the medical affairs role was defined primarily by information support and the management of routine regulatory reporting requirements. Post-launch phase: to provide continued medical education. Measure how the organization performs in terms of maximizing patient outcomes both by understanding the real-world consequences of specific medical-affairs activities and then also having the performance-management capability to make better use of such insights to drive the excellence of the right activity. A key example is health economics and outcomes research. Organizations seeking to develop a best-in-class medical-affairs function should note the following: Embrace the power of technology to transform medical—especially digital, including artificial intelligence and other new tools, advanced analytics, and new data sets—by defining a prioritized set of use cases, building a technology capability stack, and developing a strategic plan for one, three, and five years ahead. How can we provide better, accessible and affordable care? Medical-affairs teams, through their deep understanding of science, data capabilities, and their dialogue with stakeholders, will be well positioned to understand how to seek the evidence required to support the entire life cycle of the offering to optimize patient outcomes. They are responsible to collect and report insights. 2 Medical plans are important because they guide decision making across the organization and support the communication and assessment of Medical Affairs’ … Subscribed to {PRACTICE_NAME} email alerts. Medical Affairs Strategy Medical Affairs is the medical face of (bio)pharmaceutical companies: They are responsible for educating internal and external stakeholders on scientific topics, care pathway and patient outcomes. McKinsey Insights - Get our latest thinking on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. I provide medical affairs and company wide compliance solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. It calls for a broader set of capabilities, more business acumen and greater alignment with the commercial goals of … Learn more about cookies, Opens in new Please click "Accept" to help us improve its usefulness with additional cookies. We can help you develop a stronger, more strategic and high-performing team and by aligning your strategy with the needs of different stakeholders. Press enter to select and open the results on a new page. They are involved into the planning and generating evidence. Conference Mobile Apps. The same strategy should be applied to many other functions as well. Never miss an insight. They are responsible for educating internal and external stakeholders on scientific topics, care pathway and patient outcomes. The winners will be those who succeed in positioning their science—especially their ability to combine, analyze, and interpret disparate data sets—to inform their interactions with stakeholders and ultimately improve patient outcomes. our use of cookies, and Our mission is to help leaders in multiple sectors develop a deeper understanding of the global economy. The insights collection should aim to close internal data or knowledge gaps. Estimates suggest that 2.5 quintillion Now, the function is strategic … The medical support needs of novel therapies necessitates a strategic evaluation of the medical affairs function. Effective engagements also create clinical awareness and help improve health outcomes by shaping treatment paradigms. Check out the schedule for Medical Affairs Strategic Summit East — Virtual. This imperative is accelerating the evolution of medical affairs as the third strategic pillar of the organization alongside R&D and commercial. Select topics and stay current with our latest insights. Medical Affairs need to take into consideration different elements to a more efficient and integrated approach to evidence planning and generation. Be sure to register today to secure your spot for this virtual event! Launch phase: to educate on clinical evidence and product use. Medical Affairs stands to be one of the most strategically important and valued functions in a pharmaceutical company, as the nexus of cutting-edge medical, scientific and patient-centred insights that drive strategy and innovation throughout the entire product life cycle.

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