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The PMBOK ® Guide – Sixth Edition and Agile Practice Guide were created to complement each other. B. Jungle Book 2016 Pmp Exam Project Management Beams Study Education Studying Educational Illustrations Learning. 124 Project Procurement Management– Tools & Techniques : Cost-reimbursable Contract: The seller's cost are reimbursed, plus an additional amount. Download Let's Connect. Control includes determining corrective or preventive actions or re-planning and following up on action plans. PMI plans to launch the PMBOK ® Guide – Sixth Edition in the third quarter of 2017. 56 Chapter 5: Chapter 5 Project Scope Management 57 Slide58: Slides from 109-142 are not shown in the free sample 58 Control Scope: Control Scope It is the process of monitoring the status of project and product scope and managing changes to the scope baseline Uncontrolled scope changes result in scope creep. un Resource breakdown structure Assignment Matrix Text-oriented formats 106 Plan Resource Management: Tools and Techniques: Plan Resource Management: Tools and Techniques Organizational Theory Organizational theory provides information regarding the way in which people, teams, and organizational units behave. Based on the information above, what would you be most concerned about? The designation is recognized across the world and at the same time offered by the Project Management Institute. The PMP Master Prep training manual is aligned to the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition and is designed to be your single source to effectively prepare for the PMP certification exam. During this training classes, We provide comprehensive knowledge of all the key concepts from the PMBOK® 6th Edition Guide, such as the project life cycle, project phases, project management processes, and knowledge areas. Time and Material (T&M) or Unit Price 120 Legal Contractual Relationships: Contract Types: Contract is a mutually binding legal agreement that obligates the seller to provide the specified products, services or results, and obligates the buyer to compensate the seller. EAC = BAC/CPI (Only cost efficiency is considered now) Here team considers that remaining work will be completed at the same efficiency rate considering cost and schedule performance EAC = AC + (ETC/CPI x SPI) & ETC = BAC-EV. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Numeric tags are not allowed. Free PMP Training Videos & PPT, PMP training PPT, PMP Learning Videos, Organizational Influences & Life Cycle,Earned Value Management,Critical Path Method You can buy the slides by $4 PMBOK 5th Edition . 16 Programs and Portfolio: Programs and Portfolio A program is defined as a group of related projects, subprograms, and program activities managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually. PMP slides based on PMBOK 6th edition. Now Estimate at completion = AC + ETC. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Fixed Price Economic Price Adjustment (FPEPA): It is a fixed-price contract, but with a special provision allowing for pre defined final adjustments to the contract price due to changed conditions, such as inflation changes, or cost increases (or decreases) for specific commodities. Training Slides Our PMP Exam Master Prep training slides are aligned to the PMBOK ® Guide 6th Edition. Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of, find free presentations research about Pmbok 5th Edition PPT The benefit may be tangible, intangible, or both 10 Examples of tangible elements include Monetary assets Stockholder equity Utility, Fixtures Tools Market share Examples of intangible elements include Goodwill Brand recognition Public benefit Trademarks Strategic alignment Reputation Project Initiation Context: Project Initiation Context 11 Importance of Project Management: Importance of Project Management 12 The Importance of Project Management: The Importance of Project Management 13 Example: The Website Creation Project : Example: The Website Creation Project Consider a project authorized by a firm to create an intranet website that would display its employee related information. 2/3 of a day. PMBOK 6th Edition training slides. What is the duration of the critical path? Control Costs- Tools and Techniques 85 Control Costs- Tools and Techniques: EAC can be calculated by: There will be no variation for remaining work and will progress as planned before ETC = BAC – EV & that means EAC = AC + ETC (BAC-EV) The changes project experience will continue to occur for remaining work. Control Costs- Tools and Techniques 93 Control Costs- Tools and Techniques: To Complete Performance Index (TCPI) Control Costs- Tools and Techniques 94 Control Costs- Tools and Techniques: TCPI (based on original estimate or forecasted budget) will set a new baseline for performance efficiency to be achieved to complete the works with funds remaining. Part 2. COURSE PMP Exam Prep for PMP trainers based on PMBOK 6th guide , project management professi. To prevent users from facing this, Use HTTPS option. Describe your interpretation based on the calculation: Task Progress Cost spent Side 1 100% 1,200 Side 2 100% 1,000 Side 3 75% 750 Side 4 50% 500 Side 5 0% 0 Side 6 0% 0 Project is below/over budget? © 2014 authorSTREAM. D. It makes it more expensive. POWERFUL POWERPOINT TRAINING SLIDE. It distinguishes time periods in days or parts of days that are available to complete scheduled activities from time periods that are not available for work. $200k Planned Value (PV) As of today, what is the estimated value of work planned to be done? Copy, Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed, WordPress Embed A. The Guide is a document resulting from work overseen by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which offers the CAPM and PMP certifications. Control Costs- Tools and Techniques 92 Control Costs- Tools and Techniques: To Complete Performance Index (TCPI) If it is obvious that earlier estimated budget at completion can not be achieved, Project manager develops a forecasted estimate at completion (EAC). Presentation Description. The interplay between diverse individuals and groups . If CPI falls below TCPI baseline, remaining works will not be completed with available funds. EAC is an important forecasting value 89 Exercise: Exercise You have a project to build a box. 42 Questions!! FP: Contract = $1M . BONUS: Live Training Recordings Part 1. The outcome of the project is the website, and the duration will depend on the complexity and size of the work involved. No additional materials needed PMLS materials are incredibly comprehensive with all of the information needed for… contact the author of the presentation. View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Pmbok 5th Edition PPT. PMBOK® Guide 6th Ed Processes Explained with Ricardo Vargas. C. It requires more people. Project management enables the achievement of organizational goals and objectives 20 Organizational Project Management: 21 Organizational Project Management Interrelationship of PMBOK® Guide Key Components in Projects: Interrelationship of PMBOK® Guide Key Components in Projects 22 Slide23: Slides from 25-40 are not shown in the free sample 23 Chapter 2: Chapter 2 The Environment in Which Projects Operate 24 Project Influences: Project Influences 25 EEFS Internal to The organization: EEFS Internal to The organization 26 EEFS External to The Organization: EEFS External to The Organization 27 Organizational Process Assets: Organizational Process Assets Processes, policies, and procedures Organizational knowledge bases. Task L is being done by a hard-to-get resource. Control Costs- Tools and Techniques 96 Control Costs- Tools and Techniques: Examples A project has the following Earned value data assessed: AC: $ 4,000,000 CV: $ -500,000 SPI: 1.12 BAC: $ 9,650,000 What is the Earned value of the project? Enter one or more tags separated $9.49 + $7.99 shipping . 51 A Change Control Board (CCB): A Change Control Board (CCB) It is an internal unit or department charged with not only monitoring, controlling, coordinating, and implementing changes to all elements of project work, but also with accepting or rejecting changes that have been requested by stakeholders. The interdependencies of components and systems. 28 Organizational Knowledge Repositories: Organizational Knowledge Repositories Configuration management knowledge Financial data Historical information and lessons learned Issue and defect management data Project files from previous projects 29 Organizational Governance Frameworks: Organizational Governance Frameworks 30 Factors to consider in selecting an organizational structure : Factors to consider in selecting an organizational structure 31 Slide32: Slides from 49-66 are not shown in the free sample 32 Chapter 3: Chapter 3 The Role of The Project Manager 33 Project Manager’s Sphere of Influence: Project Manager’s Sphere of Influence 34 Slide35: Project Manager is the person responsible for accomplishing the project objectives. Scheduled activities. Resources All change control board decisions are documented and communicated to the stakeholders for information and follow up actions. TCPI = Work Remaining/Funds remaining = (Budget At Completion – Earned Value ) / (BAC – Actual cost) = (BAC-EV)/(BAC-AC). 39 2 Leadership Skills: Leadership Skills Dealing with People Qualities and SKILLS of a Leader (Being a visionary, Being optimistic and positive, Being collaborative, Managing relationships and conflict, Communicating Politics, Power, and Getting Things done 40 3 Comparison of Leadership and Management: Comparison of Leadership and Management 41 Leadership Styles: Leadership Styles 42 Personality: Personality Personality refers to the individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. 52 Perform Integrated Change Control – Tools &Techniques: Perform Integrated Change Control – Tools &Techniques Change Control Meetings A change control board is responsible for meeting and reviewing the change requests and approving or rejecting those change requests . Schlotzsky's, 2709 W Walnut St, Rogers, AR 72756. All future works shall be accelerated to bring CPI within TCPI range. 1. Customize Embed, Thumbnail: PMBOK ® Guide Sixth Edition POWERPOINT PRESENTATION – two (2) day course This slide presentation with approximately 295 slides is intended to be used by instructors presenting an Eastwood Harris Planning and Control Using Microsoft Project 2013, 2016 or 2019 and PMBOK ® Guide Sixth Edition two (2) day course. it is my pleasure to share this slides with you. PM must be involved in the creation of the contracts. Control Costs- Tools and Techniques 97 Control Costs- Tools and Techniques: Control Costs- Tools and Techniques Cost Formulas Calculation Cost Performance Index (CPI) Estimate to Complete (ETC) Estimate at Completion (EAC) using new estimate Estimate at Completion (EAC) using remaining budget Estimate at Completion (EAC) using CPI To-Complete Performance Index (TCPI) based on BAC To-Complete Performance Index (TCPI) based on EAC To-Schedule Performance Index (TSPI) CPI = EV / AC ETC = BAC - EV or (BAC - EV) / CPI EAC = AC + ETC EAC = AC + BAC - EV EAC = AC + ( (BAC - EV) / CPI) or EAC = BAC / CPI TCPI = (BAC - EV) / (BAC - AC) TCPI = (BAC - EV) / (EAC - AC) (BAC - EV) / (BAC - PV) 98 Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Project Quality Management 99 Project Quality Management: Project Quality Management 100 Slide101: Slides from 281-303 are not shown in the free sample 101 Chapter 9: Chapter 9 Project Resource Management 102 Plan Resource Management: Plan Resource Management Is the process of identifying and documenting project roles, responsibilities, required skills, reporting relationships, and creating a staffing management plan 103 Project Resource Management Overview: Project Resource Management Overview 104 Plan Resource Management: Plan Resource Management is the process of defining how to estimate, acquire, manage, and use team and physical resources.

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