what is a solvent trap

You are correct. Each of the solvent trap parts has a function: Meanwhile, all the solvent trap cups are held by an aluminum or titanium tube, which you will notice about most modern solvent trap kits. Janet Reno and Bill Clinton can’t die soon enough. Funny they gave an 18 yr old kid a full aupr M-16 and m-60 , 47 yrs ago and said go kill a shitload of people, thats ok, cone home you need a permit to do everything. Why? They just need to make some shit up. We argued it back and forth from various points of view to no avail. And the REAL reason they don’t want the rapid proliferation of ‘waiting to be made in to silencer’ solvent traps as these companies are doing without the tracking ability of a Class 3 stamp and I.D. can be prevented with routine inspection and maintenance. A solvent trap is a firearm cleaning system that is designed to capture cleaning solvent in order to be disposed of efficiently. We only seem stupid when we pretend these things don’t subvert the law. In all the discussion, there has been nothing mentioned about baffling. Solvent trap feature cups, also referred to as dividers, that trap byproduct created during the cleaning process. You most certainly CAN make your own suppressor. This is our standard line of complete Solvent Filters. Preferably one of the children, if you can manage it. Second Opinion) Good Afternoon. We have a complete line of gun solvent traps, parts, and accessories to easily convert your solvent traps into a suppressor. The government is getting there hands into everything. Then, suddenly, the LEA said they weren’t obeying the law. Why would they put anything about “you must follow all laws regarding silencers and baffles” on their website if they were not selling silencers and baffles. You should be blaming the law itself. stop buying thier products… Surefire should just make over priced flashlights ill still buy my 20.00 china made 1200 lumen lights!! I’ll give you guys an example: A friend of mine and I, about a year ago, were thinking about how to make a Belton Flintlock. In the not-so-distant past, solvent traps are just a modified nut with an oil filter that can be attached to the end of the barrel to catch the fluid. Instead of trying to get around the law change it. Interfacing with publicly AND Privatey located cameras they would also have almost an instant identification of the shooter’s location and appearance in integrated real time remote observation, until the small armed drones-soon to be a common sight in major metropolises- can quickly get there and neutralize the shooter. Maglite C Cell Cap Set 1/2″x 28 Solvent Trap Replacement Combo Threaded End Caps Anodized Black High Quality 6061 Aluminum (3 reviews)-41%. Silencers have become a significant segment of the firearms business and it’s growing every day. they were ok, now they decide well you cant shoulder it u can put it on your cheek. That or you need to pull your tongue out of the ATFs ass. you are right David and his followers should have opened fire on the hostile take over of their rights i do not recall it being illegal to have firearms in the same home as a child i was taught about gun safety at 3 and hunting and shooting regularly at 4 they the feds had no business there but they were but we have muslims in york sc and michigan training muslims in gorilla war fare and our gov does nothing to stop them give me a break and trump fix the problems sir thats why we elected you. Maybe you are wondering why a piece of equipment like this is needed for cleaning when you can do it traditionally. Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Cameron Leonard, http://thetruthaboutguns.com/author/foghorn/, SAF, CCRKBA, FPC Sue Maryland Over Its ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Law, FPC Moves for Injunction, Expedited Trial in Pennsylvania Under 21 Firearm Carry Lawsuit. It is not prudent to ever believe the government is doing anything to your benefit. This frustrated law enforcement, so the item that made crime invisible had to be regulated. If I have a giant chuck of steel and a machine shop – does that mean I have constructive intent to make a machine gun? My response was that the Constitution has not been what is was designed since about the time of the ratification. But let’s not lower ourselves by believing that anyone actually uses this stuff to clean guns with… If you have to be a felon go on eBay and buy yourself a threaded adapter to use oil filters on your gun… Those adapters have not been ruled against yet but the moment you screw an oil filter on and there is a LE nearby… big trouble…. The ATF should be sued for failure to perform their duties. Talk about capricious and arbitrary. 34% of californians want to secede from the USA (news flash, the DNC will never let it happen)….. good luck getting us some freedom any time soon! Don’t forget that those grocers sell steel wool too. Visit our website and send us an email or contact us by phone. Or a rocket-propelled grenade. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Actually, anything that can be attached to the barrel to catch the solvent can be classified as a solvent trap. I devoutly propose that an immediate Class Action be formally filed. But that the way it was ‘intended’ to expand after the initial launch of one of the greatest 2nd/A destroying frauds ever perpetrated on the American Free citizen. Choosing a gun solvent trap depends on what style, colors, or material appeals to you the most. While we work to REPEAL ALL current gun legislation, especially the NFA and LBJ’s tyrannical 68GCA from which the ATF gets it’s Nazi Gestapo authority, and replace it with new legislation prohibiting ANY future gun laws without the complet process of a Constitutional Amendment. BOMBS! Get with the times, Jeb! Maybe you are wondering why a piece of equipment like this is needed for cleaning when you can do it traditionally. I say we secede, fight a guerilla war for six months, get forced back in to the union, hang all the traitors, impose federal law on the state, get some supressors and AOW’s, and live happily ever after. Alex: Complete Solvent Filter, Solvent Trap. When damages leading to glitches occur, the usual suspect is negligence. ATF has previously indicated that it is legal a company to sell “solvent traps” and parts to “solvent traps” and It is legal to use them as “solvent traps”. And your obvious bias against police officers is of no consequence to me. So the 68 GCA Totalitarian disarmament legacy works like this. The problem here is that the threshold between a random parts and a complete suppressor is not stable one, it varies on who is reading it at any given time, and such ambiguity has no place in law. If I have empty 2 liter coke bottles, duct tape and a pistol in a salesman’s sample bag, is that also constructive intent to make a silencer? But he was quick to call them a silencer kit. These are ostensibly designed to be fitted on the muzzle of a firearm to catch any solvent leaking out during cleaning. Because eventually they’ll make most able bodies 2nd/A Free Americans criminals (read George Will’s article on the criminalization of America) and most ex convicts are automatically then disarmed for life! The terms “firearm silencer” and “firearm muffler” mean any device for silencing, muffling, or diminishing the report of a portable firearm, INCLUDING ANY COMBINATION OF PARTS, designed or redesigned, and INTENDED FOR USE IN ASSEMBLING OR FABRICATING A FIREARM SILENCER or firearm muffler, and any part intended only for use in such assembly or fabrication.”. But we’re not talking about the law – we’re talking about an OPINION, because the ATF does not have the power to make laws. if you are stupid enough to pay 600-1200 for a can and 200.00 for everyone you buy, you deserve to get the screwing big business gives you. When you consider that you have to pay $200, do fingerprints. If you do decide to modify the trap for anything but a cleaning aid, it is a strong recommendation you read and follow the BATF regulations on NFA items. I ended up buying an all titanium suppressor (with lifetime warranty/support) on GunBroker for like $75 more than a solvent trap. Just used to protect the pump from any of the filtrate from getting into the pump line. I can get some .22 LR suppressors for as little as $260 for a modern titanium or stainless or aluminum unit… like the user serviceable Gemtech Outback II, now out of production and found inexpensively at Class 3 dealers. My plea for help is to make this Viral to the Trump admin, the Trump family and such. These devises are well tested and proven at this point in time (Tens of Thousands of gunshot detections where they are deployed nation wide in places like Washington and California and New York. Jack; that 80% lower you are selling has been manufactured by someone who worked with the ATF to determined exactly how far they can go before be becomes a “firearm”. It’s so much easier arresting good people trying to do the right thing, than going after bad people trying to do bad things! assembly or fabrication.”. Repeal the 17th Amendment. Exactly, just like an avid ‘4th of July celebrator’ will have a big box full of legally purchased bfireworks but since he’s a building contractor he also has pieces of steel pipe in his garage can that be ‘stretched’ to sustain a ‘construct intent’ arrest for conspiracy to manufacture pipe bombs, even if no pipe ‘bomb’ itself was ever found? Set a regular schedule for gun cleaning as this may take time. Pretty darned simple to me. To date I haven’t heard back from them other than a form letter stating they got my email and would get back to me. Ensuring your 300 Blackout, .308, 6.5 Creedmoor other higher power rounds have a titanium solvent trap installed during your travels, make misfires a nonissue. Because firearms are built with heavy-duty materials to make them last. Frankly, I’m surprised they’ve lasted this long. Trump should have the DOJ drop a Writ of Mandamus on ATF, and arrest ATF officials who refuse to do their jobs. We are in interesting times, worth watching and remembering. Let’s be honest, the ATF did not attempt a simple arrest, they wanted to stage a grand spectacle to demonstrate their power. All it takes is some combination of events that catches the eye of bureaucrats. Can ATF close them down? They are tubes with end caps that help catch the solvent poured through the gun barrel when it’s cleaned. Hah! Or…. This is dumb. And no, government agencies rarely pursue charges against people who just might be able to bite back. Instead of trying to get around the law change it. Anonymous. If you are looking for an accessory that you can repurpose, you want a versatile gun solvent trap that allows for easy conversion. Of course if you want you can have an NFA “Manufacturer” register an oil filter for you as the sliencer, then you could use your e-Bay or Amazon adapter without a problem… too bad your “silencer” will only be good for a mag or two, then you have to send it to the manufacturer for repair. Seems the ATF is, indeed, making flashlight barrels potential silencer parts.

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