adeptus mechanicus kill team strategy

I wouldn’t call them the best Kill Team, but they have a lot of good options and Kill Team is balanced enough that I believe in their ability to win tournaments. This category covers all articles related to the Adeptus Mechanicus, adherents of the Omnissiah, the Machine God. This probably isn’t ever worth it but somebody might find a situation where it’s good. more on adeptus mechanicus Kill team here:, more on adeptus mechancus weapons here:,000/Tactics/Kill_Team(8E)_Imperium#AdMech_Ranged_Weapons, Your email address will not be published. Due to changes in the cost of Plasma for Elites, he’s two points less than a comparable company vet with a plasma gun which is enough of a discount to make him worthwhile. B, Lets a readied model ignore penalties to hit. The heavy weapon options are both viable. Blood Angels Tartaros Terminators. This gives a Camo Cloak, which is a significant durability upgrade if you stay at range, and the Concealed Positions ability. When they die you can recycle the parts: Adeptus Mechanicus in Kill Team. This includes Tactics printed in the base rule book or Elites. To elaborate, the Ominissiah is the … FACTION: Adeptus Mechanicus. Make Offer - Theta-7 Aquisitus Kill Team Rules Pack NIS Mechanicus Warhammer 40K. Instead, we’re looking at things like Scouts (10 points per model), Veterans (13 points base with some cheaper upgrades), and Intercessors (15 points for two wounds, which is nice against Psyker teams). Add 2″ to your advances, and if an enemy model fell back your models can still charge. This might still see some use but you’re more likely to see other tactics used now. At 29 points it’s a serious commitment but if used properly it can take over games. For one point you get the extra attack and leadership, but the important thing is that he’s a cheap leader you can stick in the back and not feel too bad about. Ultramarines Primaris Lieutenant. They have special terminator and veteran options, but these mostly end up being a drawback since they can’t take sternguard or vanguard veterans. COMMANDERS: MODEL: Tech-priest Dominus. They teleport, they can take a bunch of cool weapons and they’re pretty tough. This is just OK, and with the Chaos rider you’ll rarely get to use it. All models are White Scars. There are a few more expensive options, but they still cap at 22 points with most of the list at 17 points or less. F, If you didn’t move, you can re-roll 1’s to hit in the shooting phase. These are the poster boys for 40k. AdMech are the defenders of knowledge and technology. That makes terminators a lot worse since they’re stuck waddling around, and Reivers are also a bit worse. Using this strat gives the same feeling as calling up your parents at 3am and opening with “I fucked up Dad”. There’s no reason not to use this since at worst it’s neutral, but if you’re using this things are going poorly. This listing is for the Warhammer 40k Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii half of the OOP Kill Team Starter Set. For 1 CP you can reroll wounds of 1 for friendly models within 6″ of this model. The Sergeant here is just a +1, he gets three weapons and an extra attack but otherwise doesn’t have any special options. Your email address will not be published. Intercessors are the cheapest and have the most options. It contains a multipart plastic Tech-Priest Dominus miniature, a set of cards packed with exclusive rules and a sheet of tokens for use in-game: - A Tech-Priest Dominus: this multipart plastic kit is used to represent Magos Dalathrust – or the Commander of any Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team you wish – a Tech-Priest augmented to the … We will talk a little bit about who they are, their play style, and end with a solid 1,000 pt army list with some Adeptus Mechanicus tactics. Included: - 8-page Theta-7 Acquisitus booklet - 17 Adeptus Mechanicus Tactics cards - 5 Adeptus Mechanicus Commander Tactics cards - 4 Mission cards - 2 Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team tokens sheets - 6 Adeptus Mechanicus datacards - A Balphamus Vaulk Tech-Priest Manipulus ability tree card that presents a new Adeptus Mechanicus … C, Space Marine Kill Team Agravain Painted by Tyler “Coda” Moore. Assault weapons like Scout shotgun are also better, as are melee weapons. Company Veterans are a bit more generalist. This has weird timing problems because it comes into play the next charge phase, but it’s not terrible. Executioner Rounds (AP-2, D3 damage, deals a mortal wound on a wound of 6) represent a serious threat if there’s comms or auspex support since you’ll generally be hitting on 2’s, wounding on 3’s and punching through armor 2/3 of the time or better, and D3 damage creates very dangerous injury rolls. ← Nerve test in Kill Team – does the order matter? Eliminators also have concealed positions so you can set them up in an advantageous position. Each turn you are rewarded for holding more objectives than your opponent, and you’re also given a set of 6 secondaries and asked to choose 3. The main benefit there is that the flamer pistol is free, which opens up some neat 13 point vets with two flamer pistols that fight well against hordes. Savior protocols, hot shot volley vs plasma. Modifiers to hit are everywhere in Kill Team – this Tactic allows you to reliably hit foes hiding at long range or ducking behind cover. There’s a few things I don’t really agree with (why’s the Reiver Sgt a Combat Specialist?) As a conclusion, 12 overcharged plasma shot the first round is enough to seriously damage or scare any elite team. You can pass off a failed saving throw onto a friendly model within 6″, and it takes mortal wounds equal to the damage of the attack. Dual Lightning Claws are another good option since you go up to 3 attacks with a high quality weapon that threatens models with higher toughness or power armor. Specialising in Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k. This would be good if Stalker Bolt Rifles were good, but they aren’t. A whole new way to play games with your Warhammer 40,000 miniatures, this stan… Ideally you’d just use an actual Auspex but if this can let you make a critical shot then it’s probably worth it. Besides that they’re a fun and effective team. Jump packs are very good, but they’re also expensive and you need to have a plan for them. You can take it as a Strategist, but he doesn’t do much more there than an LT would have. You need a plan that involves taking the enemy head on, which includes being able to get far enough down the board in a turn or two to do something. You can ignore bolters and chainswords, but even Heavy Bolters or Krak grenades can seriously threaten you and Plasma Guns or Power Fists really don’t care much at all about your armor. This is one of the better stratagems if you have additional CP, but I’d keep at least 2 CP up for Death Denied unless you’re in the fight phase against Tau or Guard. Grav-Chutes works for models with Grav-Chutes or Reivers, Teleport Strike for Terminators and Jump Pack Assault works for Jump Pack models. There’s also an option for Phobos Armor. $14.00. It’s not actively bad but it doesn’t do a lot for most teams. C, In the Fight phase, a model explodes 6’s to hit into additional attacks. Hallucination: WC 7 – Subtract 1 from Leadership and Hit Rolls for an enemy model within 12″. You can’t double up with the pistols so they’re a bit weak but you can pair one of the cheaper options like Grav Gun (2 points), Storm Bolter (2 points) or Flamer (3 points) with a chainsword and have a cheap vet with an effective ranged weapon and 3 attacks in melee. Ultramarine Suppressors. As of the release of Elites, Space Marine Kill Teams can choose a chapter tactic to apply to their team. It’s always nice, but it does less to make your plan happen than it prevents an enemy plan from happening. They have the standard selection that all commanders get, but they also have access to three unique powers. ... Theta-7 Aquisitus Kill Team Rules Pack NIS Mechanicus Warhammer 40K. C+, If you charged or were charged, you add +1 to wound rolls in melee. Chaplains are the efficient melee Commanders for Marines. Adeptus Mechanicus kill teams scour the galaxy for information and lost archaeotech, exterminating any they deem tech-heretics. Note a detachment must be 100% Adeptus Mechanicus to make use of these. He’s not exactly efficient but you can take options like Storm Shields, Relic Blades, Power Fists and Combi-Weapons that can give him durability, killing power or the ability to reach out and touch weaker enemies. Note that these don’t cover the specialist marine factions, the Grey Knights and Deathwatch — those are entirely separate factions (We’ve covered Deatwatch already here). Marines are resistant to small numbers of Champions that try to kill a model each turn, they’re resistant to nerve tests since they get to re-roll failures and they ignore the first flesh wound so just piling on low quality attacks can be unreliable. Arena’s corridors mean that you’re at best covering a single approach. All of the larger tournaments like Nova, Adepticon, LVO and Socal Open have been run with missions that reward you for mobility and the ability to hold ground. Hyperfrag Rounds (D3 shots, no AP) just aren’t good compared to the other options. Adeptus Mechanicus for Kill Teams with Adeptus Mechanicus tactics cards. Today, Games Workshop is talking about one of the factions in the new Starter Set – the Adeptus Mechanicus. Most missions are built around the Ultima template from Arena, but with different boards and deployments. The Bolter, Combat Knife and Astartes Combat Shotgun weapon options are all viable, and each fills a different niche. Intercessors are pretty good, any of the others can be good if you understand why you’re taking them. Leaders are resources you protect so you don’t want to bling them out with lots of extra wargear that won’t get used.

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