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I had a repo'62 tort pickguard on it, so there are a few extra holes in the body. I can’t seem to part with them. Why those two? $12.50 shipping. We’ve done a lot of reclaimed pine from barn wood that came from the middle of America. International Bidders- I cannot falsify customs documents. You can pull three or four guitars made on the same day and they will all feel and resonate differently… that’s the beauty of it. Notably, alder also takes finishes well — with a light brown color and a tight grain that’s only slightly visible, it’s ideal for solid colors rather than the transparent finishes that look so good on ash. 3 … It just hit the point where we couldn’t put it in a production guitar telling everyone we can make something which we can’t get anymore. Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Given how far Fender and ash bodies go back, this can’t have been an easy decision... Leo [Fender] used to say, ‘If I have $100 to make something, I’d spend $99 making it work and $1 making it pretty’. While alder remains to be the most popular hardwood for Fender bodies, the American giant’s ties to ash cannot be understated - it was pretty much all they used for guitars and basses made between 1950 to 1956 and continues to sell successfully to this day. Tough to go wrong with a guitar made from alder. Additionally, it machines well and is regularly available. Any thoughts or opinions here? Alder wood is easy to machine and finishes well. What are they, and where do they come from? BA1 1UA. Alder 2 piece glued, guitar body blank. You tell me! Figured Maple Red Alder Wood Electric Bass Guitar Body Blank #5105 11 PC. In the world of musical instrument construction, red alder is valued for bass and electric guitar bodies as it has good tonal qualities and is very light for its size. Ooop! Cookie Files Policy. What little Ash we are able to source will continue to be made available in select, historically appropriate vintage models, as supplies are available.”. The P-90 also seems to soften up the tightness of the lows of alder and ash, but gives the lows of mahogany a slightly chewy character. It is very full in the low midrange yet produces enough upper midrange to be clear and articulate. "Alder is a more consistent and occupying sound in the mix. Road Worn Sunburst Nitro Relic Finish. The guitar comes with a Fender gig bag . Two or three pieces are glued together to make an instrument body, although there have been single-piece bodies. Finish. Alder is a light, relatively soft and medium tough wood among the wood species. You have now opened my eyes more to the Alder wood though. “Over time, there’s this Emerald Ash Borer beetle that started up near Canada and Michigan, and it started destroying the ash. Messages 568. It readily accepts all kinds of stains, so its light color can be altered to match just about any wood tone. If we get ash, we’ll use it and make limited editions. There is a wood hardness test called the Janka Hardness Test. The lighter the guitar, the less tired the musician at the end of a concert. Of the 30 or so alder tree varieties, the fast-growing red alder ranks among the world’s largest, reaching heights up to 100 feet. This is how we adapt to that scarcity.”. "They’ve tried to do all kinds of things, introducing non-native species that would eat the beetles, pesticides, they’ve thrown everything at the wall and nothing has stopped the blight of this invasive pest that was not-native and I don’t know how it got here. When you’re looking over the specs of a Fender electric guitar or bass, one of the first things you’ll see listed is the kind of wood the body is made of. You can set the conditions for storage and access to cookies in your browser settings. Is there a recommended wood filler color/brand for alder bodies, in terms of adherence and comparative grain (still trying to figure what color I want to do)? But there’s a warmth to ash, that’s what people love about it. “I think there are some challenges ahead, things might be delayed, but our plans are just to continue moving forwards. How does an alder body guitar sound when the neck is all maple compared to a maple neck with rosewood finger board? “There’s a company called Roots Of Rock and I believe they’ve found one strain of ash that’s resistant to that Borer beetle. Joe Hannis Guitar & Theory Tuition . A uniform dark ebony is nice, but streaks are unique and nice, giving the instruments a signature look.”. Again, Leo Fender was a pragmatist, he would have said, ‘What have you got today?’ They both have a similar grain pattern to ash and are sonically similar. It's going to need refinishing and some nick/gouge fixing. There are so many materials to use, we’re always looking because that’s in the spirit of Leo, looking around and making something that works great out of that. Well, alder is a bit blotchy. I remember being in a guitar store 10 years later and there was one for $4,500! Certainly, we weigh plenty of 8/4 Swamp Ash or Punky Ash wood with a lower density than 8/4 Alder. The first thing you have to … Homeowners who want to pick the best wood for their wooden furniture are often confused when it comes to alder wood, as they wonder if alder is a hardwood. Item Number: IW34272 If you are a do-it-yourselfer interested in finishing your own guitar body, there are some very important differences between Alder and Ash. Many guitar manufacturers as a substitute for alder are using this wood, as it is quite similar in tone. The wood is rarely wider than 6 due to the small size of the trees. Bath Choosing Pickups to Match Your Guitar’s Wood. “Right now my favorite is a player-grade, not 100% original, 1963 Jazzmaster and that thing sounds brilliant. Basswood: the principal wood used on many Japanese made instruments. There was a problem. Mahogany is a medium-hard wood and is used in some bass guitar bodies. Alder's natural color is a light tan with little or no distinct grain lines. What exactly prompted the decision to stop using ash for your production-line models? These larger rings and sections add to its strength, and the complexity of the tones. In this article I want to explore some possible guitar, pickup, style and tone choices. "When we were redesigning some guitars, we made these exact guitars out of the same everything, same necks, same parts - changing just one thing on each one. Even the mahogany we’re using for the Acoustasonics were sourced to be the most sustainable we could find. NOTE: Are you are a Luthier or make guitars as hobby and or other instruments? All rights reserved. Alder is generally considered to be one of the "traditional" Stratocaster body woods. Fender used ash for electric guitar and bass bodies more or less exclusively from 1950 to mid-1956, and to the present continues to use ash on a relatively small number of instruments. … I’m mainly Strat guy just because that’s what I grew up playing and what informed my style. “I would say ash has a great sound, especially when you are jamming at home by yourself. Softer woods include Alder, Swamp Ash and Basswood. "We’ve already been prototyping the heavier ash with chambering, we actually had Kenny Wayne Shepherd in recently to test the difference and he thought they sounded and felt great. Shop a wide range of woods wheels at our online shop today! Also known in the guitar trade as Korina. Choosing Pickups to Match Your Guitar’s Wood. Alder bodies are resonant, and have a strong, clear, full-bodied sound, with beefy mid-range sounds and excellent lows. Alder sustains well without weighing a ton, so it is very efficient. Wood Vendors supplies alder not only in lumber form, but also alder s4s (surfaced four sides), in both knotty and superior grades as well as alder mouldings, alder plywood, alder panels and T&G. Are there any other woods that could match the visual and tonal qualities of ash? We’d love to stay in touch, sign up for the Guitar World team to contact you with great news, content and offers. Alder was especially in popular in the ’50s and ’60s, and is the body wood of choice for Fender. You need to be ready for the fact that different pieces of wood will stain differently, but this only adds to its beauty. This is due both to its tonal response, (once again, very similar to Alder) as well as the fact that Basswood is much more readily available to the manufacturers in Asia. Finally, what have been your favorite guitars you’ve owned over the years? Alder was especially in popular in the ’50s and ’60s, and is the body wood of choice for Fender. So we’re looking at roasted pine -people worry about it being soft, though some species are softer than other. We’re also looking at other ones, like western cedar. Trees woods and wildlife. Alder is a fast growing hardwood. We’re looking at urban trees. A lot of people vote with their eyes… ash has a much more pronounced, swirling grain pattern compared to alder, which is more uniform in its look. Guitars and basses with blonde finishes typically have ash bodies because the wood “takes” that particular finish especially well. It’s relatively form stable during moisture variations. The wealth of regional varieties falls under two main types — black alder or European alder, which is native to most of Europe and to Southwest Asia; and red alder, which is native to the U.S. West Coast. Not especially dense, it’s a lightweight, closed-pore wood that has a resonant, balanced tone brighter than other hardwoods, with a little more emphasis in the upper midrange. "So we started using streaked ebony too, we actually get ours from him, its ebony with character. Other woods in use today on a very small number of Fender electric instruments include poplar, pine and koto. I might even like the Alder better. Alder is the type of wood that has a uniform, small pore structure and is commonly used for … 2013 Cabronita Telecaster Alder wood body in black finish. Messages 6,836. Alder bodies tend to produce warm, even sounding mids and lows, although the highs can be relatively subdued. Its sound is primarily a thicker, midrange tone. Alder is a favorite amongst Luthiers, who often choose it to use in solid electric guitar bodies. Wet alder smokes a lot and leaves behind a lot of ash. So ash is a wood that goes back to the very earliest days of Fender - Esquires, Broadcasters, ‘54 Strats and so on...”. As for the quality of alder guitar wood, for your kind information, our collection of drift wood comes from some of the best sellers from China.In order to further simplify your shopping experience and make it more convenient, we feature smart filtering tools, so that you … Common uses of Alder wood are cabinetry, furniture and musical instruments. (020) 8551 5987. Pine is a great wood. At least we’ll have ash again, unlike chestnut which is totally gone. Alder. The guitar will have an HH configuration and the humbuckers I'm going to use are HOT. Since it grows from Southeast Alaska to Central California and almost always within 125 miles of the Pacific Coast, a plentiful and affordable supply existed practically in Fender’s backyard. Alder has a strong, clear, full-bodied sound, with beefy mids and excellent lows. 8/4 Alder is a versatile wood. Alder wood and its appearance. Fender has used other woods for its electric instrument bodies at various points in its history. The signature light tan colour with the spiral grain wood pattern is one of the signs to help recognise Alder. He used materials that were widely available. check more. guitar wood: Mahogany or Alder? The email you entered isn't valid. Joined: Mar 24, 2006 Messages: 113 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 0 Location: Southern California. But unfortunately due to the circumstances our ash production will be winding down.”. reply; James. So you can see — and hear — why many ash-body Fender guitars of the ’50s are so highly prized. For those who’ve never had the chance to directly compare, what are the main differences between ash and alder? You will receive a verification email shortly. Copyright ©2020. Given what’s happening in the world right now, will products scheduled for launch at Summer NAMM still be announced this year? Roasted Alder 3 pc 22 x 15 X 1.78 Sanded Torrefied P Bass/Strat/LPBody Blank. Thunderbird Vintage Pro Tobacco Sunburst. Recently, we had six of Tom Morello’s guitars lined and we were going through them with Tom and each one sounded a little different, just because of how the neck and body come together. Softer woods include Alder, Swamp Ash and Basswood. $13.75 shipping. Finally agathis is a softer wood, and as such will give you a lighter guitar than other woods. Planting more trees is the best climate change solution. Alder wood: (2-3 piece) 3 single coil pickup route (60's layout with worm route) Tremolo Bridge holes for vintage spaced tremolo with string spacing 2 3/16" (55.6mm) - (Will not fit squier or other bridges) Standard neck dimensions (vintage consistent) Finish: cellulose sanding sealer and vintage white nitrocellulose top coat only In an exclusive interview, Executive VP of Fender Product Justin Norvell reveals what spec changes we can expect, and the fate of its Summer NAMM releases, It was recently announced that Fender will be phasing out ash for production-line electric guitar models. Lindo PDB Series Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar With Carry Case and Cable. The thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish lets the body wood's natural tone shine through, making for one of the most exciting new instruments in the Fender family. Weight is 4 lbs, 15 oz. Every piece of wood is different. If somebody plays that riff it brings a smile to people’s faces”, Doug Wimbish looks back at 5 of his best – and worst – bass sessions, Sick Riffs: Jacob Duarte teaches you the grungy drop-tuned riffs of Narrow Head's Hard to Swallow, Gibson expands the Slash Collection with the “Victoria” Les Paul Standard Goldtop. “I’ve had a couple of guitars come and go that I regret parting with. This advanced baking process rids the wood of imperfections and leaves it with a much darker, luxurious tint. or Best Offer. Featherweight 3.9 pounds. I guess as we all walk back out into the light and adjust our eyes, our idea is to continue our plan of releasing new products. Not a scientific test, you say? The Alders color and structure of the wood, softness and reluctance to shrinkage and swelling makes it suitable building guitars. The great thing about working at Fender is nothing is more than a few screws away, you can always swap things around! I am thinking of upgrading to the now available USA model of this but hesitate because this color is only available in Alder wood. Get the facts on Fender guitar body woods. The Alders color and structure of the wood, softness and reluctance to shrinkage and swelling makes it suitable building guitars. Today we will be having a look at two of the most popular, specifically for the bodies of Fender guitars; ash and alder. Please refresh the page and try again. “Well, we’ve been racing this beetle, but then on the climate change front there are these floods that come in and recede, that’s when we go in and get the ash. "That said, there will probably be a couple more feasts and famines before the species is entirely gone. 53 sold. Alder has more of a peak. Lam . The relative disadvantages of poplar are that it is not well suited to use with transparent colours, and that on average a guitar body will weigh about 1/2 lb more. Many Japanese-made Fender instruments of the 1980s and ’90s had basswood bodies, but only very few models are made of basswood today. Alder: full and rich, with fat low-end, nice cutting mids, and good overall warmth and sustain. Find best dropshippers for UK alder guitar wood and buy cheap carved wood spoons on Dhgate website with high quality & fast delivery to UK. Traditionally, it is one of the primary woods used in electric guitar body wood construction. Alder. Fender PlayCYBER WEEK SALE: Save 50% on a Monthly Plan.UNLOCK THIS OFFER. Due to its widespread popularity it produces a familiar tone. Our interactive gear guide,, matches you with the perfect model by learning about your sound & style. I'm trying to acquire an alder strat-type body for a geetar build. So it’s a race against time, to some extent? Thank you for signing up to Guitar World. $172.02. Found mainly in the wetter environs of the U.S. South, swamp ash is lighter than the northern variety, with large open pores. Then I have a Custom Shop Strat 1965-era replica in Daphne Blue with a checked finish. Visit our corporate site. The neck radius has also been flattened to a much more contemporary 9.5 inches. The Janka Wood Hardness Test. These are made in Mexico. It’s about striking a balance and right now that means taking it out of regular production, from the Vintera series to the American Pro. However, we are referring to hardwood lumber averages. It imparts excellent sustain and sharp attack. It’s a native North American hardwood which can be found all over the eastern half of the continent — from Nova Scotia in the north to Florida in the south, and as far west as Minnesota down to east Texas. It’s often used for furniture and cabinetry. Or you can mix the wood … Firstly bridge 'admittance' (conductance) is near zero in a solid body electric (but very high in an acoustic guitar), so very little string vibration is transferred through it to reach the solid body (many different lines of experiment from different labs show that). Be the first to know about new products, featured content, exclusive offers and giveaways. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > fallen2289 New Metal Member. So we’re figuring a few things out right now to allow ash to live a little longer and making the most of a scarce resource. First off, going back historically, non-Fender luthiery always used things like spruces but also exotic tropical hardwoods. Alder Tone Wood Guitar Body Blank quantity. Like Alder, the tone of Ash is musical and well-balanced, with perhaps just a little more “pop”. Does body wood have an effect on the tone of an electric guitar? It’s a medium-weight wood, although quality cuts of alder used for guitar bodies will often weigh less than denser cuts of ash. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Alder (Alnus rubra): Alder is used extensively for bodies because of its lighter weight (about four pounds for a Strat® body) and its full sound. We have full chain of custody on all our woods, to know exactly where they came from right from the beginning, "We might space them out differently, some might get pushed a few months, but we’ll definitely have an assortment of new products in the second half of the year – we’re already well down the road with them.”. Here’s a brief rundown on each one. Use a spectrum analyzer, you say? “It’s eating its way through the forest and ash will be completely gone in a couple of years. We did ash versus alder to hear the differences. $89.50. The updated Highway One's were introduced in 2006 and were discontinued in 2011. Many people choose to burn the wood during the fall or spring when the outside temperatures are moderate. It’s commonly harvested in Europe, Russia and North West Africa and is a popular choice for bass guitars due to its light to medium weight. Guitar Body Material Alder What else can be done to help save the future of ash-bodied guitars? Fender adopted alder for electric instrument bodies in mid-1956, probably for no other reason than it was there; it was readily available and more affordable than ash. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Manufacturer: Wood For Guitar Price: €73.11. It’s not too warm or too bright but lies somewhere in the middle range. Inside the Luthier's Shop with You will get a happy unexpected prize! Its other wood properties like its ideal color, wood structure, softness, reluctance to swelling and shrinkage make alder suitable for making guitars. If you are a do-it-yourselfer interested in finishing your own guitar body, there are some very important differences between Alder and Ash. We’re working in a consortium to help replant that in the Detroit and Michigan area, but that will be like 30 years. “Yes, we are looking at other woods - there are some that are very on-brand for Fender, like pine. We have full chain of custody on all our woods, to know exactly where they came from right from the beginning. Alder wood. With a tight and hard grain pattern, Alder is very easy to finish and is found lurking under the lacquer finish on hundreds of different bass guitar models. See similar items. We like the wood from the water, it’s more porous and that’s how we get the light swamp ash. The grain pattern takes on a swirl, where the larger rings and sections around the outside enhance the strength of the body. Leo Fender has used alder as the mainstay of the Fender bodies for years since the mid-50s. It’s just a matter of preference. All in all, swamp ash imparts articulation and presence with a great balance between brightness and warmth, and it looks great.

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