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Buy on Walmart. Best Inflatable Hot Tubs in 2020 Reviews. For extra fun, play with the seven lighting settings. This is the best value inflatable hot tub, Capacity: 4 people | Maximum temperature: 104 degrees | Jets: 120. The best inflatable hot tubs are cheap and easy substitutes for the best hot tubs, and they come without the commitment of installing one in your home. Intex PureSpa 6-Person 290-Gallon Outdoor Bubble Hot Tub ($889.99, originally $1,409.99; Intex PureSpa 6 … According to Steve, “For a test dip into hot tub ownership, or just a low-cost, low-frills approach to hot water therapy, an inflatable hot tub is definitely worth a look.”, Get leveled: Although they might look similar, inflatable hot tubs are not the same thing as inflatable kiddie pools. The SaluSpa Hawaii will provide you with a pleasurable and rejuvenating hot tub experience at the touch of a button. The Best Inflatable Hot Tub; 1Coleman SaluSpa Portable 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub; 2Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Hot Tub; 3Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable AirJet Hot Tub; 4Bestway Hawaii Air Jet Inflatable Outdoor Spa; 5Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub; 6Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set Complete with a set of seats, cup holders, a drink tray and headrests, this six-person inflatable hot tub is all about the amenities. The fitted cover has child-protected safety locks and a foil lining to help retain heat. These spas make the most of high power jets to create a current to swim against, so they’re powerful bits of kit. Spa Frog @Ease Floating System for Hot Tubs ($85.90; The pH may change very little when you’re not using the tub and more sharply during times of frequent use, especially if more than one or two people use it. In fact, it’s half as much again. It’s designed to be easy to set up, and it comes with an inbuilt drink tray and cover. The underside of the cover has foil coating to keep water extra warm and to lock in heat. Best Overall: Coleman SaluSpa Miami AirJet 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub. Electricity costs vary by state, so running a hot tub may be less expensive in Louisiana residents than in Alaska or Hawaii. Inflatable hot tubs can be placed on a wide variety of surfaces, but some of the best include concrete, grass and decking that has been suitably reinforced if necessary. However, its powerful jets and sturdy construction make the Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii a worthwhile investment. Note: The prices above reflect the retailers' listed price at the time of publication. Slipping neck-deep into a tub of warm water can feel like discovering the fountain of youth, or at least a much-needed staycation. It has three cup holders and a large center bowl for snacks, sunscreen or anything else you might need. Inflatable hot tubs can generally be set up in 15 or 20 minutes and filled from a garden hose. This kit will keep the hot tub water crystal clear and the surfaces inside the hot tub free from slippery slime. The Coleman SaluSpa Miami AirJet 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub is a high-quality blow-up jacuzzi with a mid-range price tag. It’s critical that you regularly test the alkalinity of the water in your hot tub. If your reason for getting an inflatable hot tub is not just for relaxing but for exercising or hydrotherapy, then these aqua therapy dumbbells will add resistance to your workout. So, it's the first pick of our best inflatable hot tub guide. Some models include inflatable covers that fit into the top of the tub like a stopper in a bottle, while others use insulating materials like foam or foil lining to keep the heat inside. A cushioned ground cover adds to the comfort of what is already a very relaxing tub. This process isn’t too difficult, luckily – a sponge and some mild dish soap does the trick in most cases. Premium portable hot tubs add another level of stability and protection with interlocking panels that surround the inflatable tub. Most portable hot tubs will provide hydrotherapy benefits. Setting up the spa is easy, especially because there is a DVD instruction manual. Most of them can heat water up to comfortably hot temperatures overnight. There was a problem. This gives a boost to the air circulation once it’s turned on. They all have different features that make them that little more special. Decide on jet preference: Sure, where you put it and what size you want are the first two things to consider, but Steve adds you should also consider the “choice between the cheaper air bubbler jets and the more expensive water jets with booster pump system.” According to our research, water jets are tough to find in inflatable hot tubs, but luckily the reviews of air jets are great. The design and structure of the tub is just as important as the materials used to make it. One of the most expensive inflatable hot tubs, The water is circulated through a water softener system, Heats up to a maximum temperature of 108°, Inflates in minutes and deflates for easy storage, Bestway 54190E SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub, Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii Square Inflatable Hot Tub, Aleko 2-Person 130-Jet Inflatable Hot Tub, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, Best pool heaters 2020: Electric, solar and gas pool heaters, Best deep cleaning vacuum cleaners 2020: Heavy duty vacuum cleaners for hardwood and carpets. The construction is a lot more … Inflatable Hot Tubs with Jets 2020. With about 250 gallons and approximately 70 inches on each side, this is notably larger than the two-person Coleman mentioned above. If you purchase a larger hot tub and use it more often than three times a week, you’ll see a higher electricity bill among other costs. The cushioned floor creates a comfortable experience meaning you can sit back and relax while enjoying the 130 high-powered bubble jets. To get all of the important details, we also spoke with a man known simply as “Swimming Pool Steve” who is a pool and spa builder with over 25 years in the biz — along with a blog of the same name that provides hot tub and pool advice. The best inflatable hot tubs of 2020 for a cheap at-home spa experience. To a lesser degree, other factors will contribute to hot tub maintenance costs, like its size, where you set it up, how often you use it and how strict you are about cleaning it. It can fit anywhere, you can set it up indoors or outdoors. It also features a cushioned floor with convenient drain valve. NY 10036. Verification email has been resent. We rounded up picks from the two most trusted and high-quality brands — Coleman and Intex — and scoured through reviews to find shoppers’ favorites. It only seats up to two people, but that's the trade-off you get when you go for a smaller inflatable hot tub. Best 6 person inflatable hot tubs. This is a big hot tub that holds up to 242 gallons of water and is big enough to hold four to six adults at a time. This should seem obvious, but it bears emphasis. If the pH levels drop too low, the hot tub’s interior materials, or even the entire tub, could deteriorate. This is usually indicated with a proprietary name; Intex calls its unique blend of materials Fiber-Tech, while Coleman uses the name Tri Tech 3 Layer Material for its mix of polyester mesh and layered PVC. Below is our top 9 list of the best inflatable hot tubs available in 2020. The Fiber-Tech construction combines reinforced laminated PVC with a layer of fibrous material. To complete your CNN profile and ensure you are able to receive important account information, please verify your email address. Please click the button below to agree to our Terms and Conditions and acknowledge our Privacy Policy. With a maximum water depth of 1.67 feet and a 107-gallon capacity, it might seem like this isn’t going to deliver a real spa experience, but the 120 air bubble jets will prove otherwise. You can add in a sanitizer before each use or on a less frequent yet regular basis if you don’t use it often. Why? It’s also worth considering that an inflatable hot tub can take up to 24 hours to heat up, so be sure to get your new tub running with plenty of time to spare, or you may be faced with a chilly tub when the time comes to use it. From an LED color-changing underwater light and an insulating ground cloth to two included headrests and hard water treatment system, there’s not much this inflatable hot tub kit doesn’t include. When you buy this tub online, it comes with one pool liner, a pool cover, spa pump, chemical floater, and two filter cartridges. Consult the user manual that came with your hot tub for filter replacement recommendations. However, traditional hot tubs can cost more than $10,000 to purchase and install. “Inflatable hot tubs might take longer than more expensive systems to heat up to temperature,” advises Steve. This is the most luxurious inflatable hot tub, Capacity: 7 people | Maximum temperature: 104 degrees | Jets: 84. Take its temperature: One thing Steve says could be considered a con to buying an inflatable hot tub is its ability to get up to and hold an optimal temperature. Bestway’s Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub can be considered the best 4 person inflatable hot tub. Success! As one reviewer writes, “It was easy and fast to put up. CNN News staff is not involved. It only weighs 73 pounds, making it quite portable before you inflate it compared to larger tubs. The cost of running an inflatable hot tub depends on a few major factors: electricity, water, filters, cleaning and chemicals. This is the best inflatable hot tub for families, Capacity: 4 people | Maximum temperature: 104 degrees | Jets: 114. The inflatable hot tub can heat up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can adjust settings via the attached LCD touchscreen. These don’t cost much though, and they will allow you to customize the layout of your new inflatable hot tub. Of course, most models are portable, but Coleman 71″ x 26″ Portable Spa Inflatable Hot Tub has been designed with portability in mind. Some of the best inflatable hot tubs come with far fewer jets than others. Eay Luxury Waterproof Playing Cards Deck ($7.88; The Aleko 2-Person 130-Jet Inflatable Hot Tub is an affordable inflatable hot tub. Quietly relaxing in the hot tub can be sublime…for a while. Add a little ambiance to hot tub soaking sessions with this waterproof, floating Bluetooth speaker and LED light show. This 6 person inflatable hot tub is rated 5 stars by most of its customers. New York, Save up to 43% on best-selling inflatable hot tubs at Walmart - check the latest deals on portable round & square hot tubs with heavy-duty PVC, polyester or vinyl construction, water filtration systems and bubble jets There are all sorts of accessories available for maintaining your portable spa and enhancing the experience, from chemical dispensers to inflatable seat cushions. When you make a purchase, we receive revenue. It can be easily set up within minutes, requiring no professional … However, it can be a good fit for 1 person hot tub. The cost of buying an inflatable hot tub is another consideration. You will receive a verification email shortly. Vickea Inflatable Pineapple Drink Holder ($15.99; Whether we want to complement an existing pool or just a warm way to relax outdoors as temperatures start to drop this fall, an inflatable hot tub delivers. So we decided to get the scoop on inflatable hot tubs — because they seem to run around one-tenth of the cost, with some starting around $700. But if you invest in quality equipment and regularly clean your hot tub, it will last longer and develop fewer problems during its lifetime. Blufree Bluetooth Speaker With Colorful Lights ($32.99, originally $39.99; The smaller 2-4 people spas are usually the best price inflatable hot tub and best value, as they are more compact and designed for less users, where are … If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, the 4-Person Inflatable Hot Tub from MidwestGarv27 is your best pick. CNN Underscored is your guide to the everyday products and services that help you live a smarter, simpler and more fulfilling life. 12:15 PM EDT, Wed August 26, 2020, Intex PureSpa Plus 4-Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Bubble Jet Spa, Intex PureSpa 6 Person 290-Gallon Outdoor Bubble Hot Tub, Intex PureSpa Plus Round 6-Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Spa, Coleman SaluSpa 4-Person Square Portable Inflatable Outdoor Hot Tub Spa, Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe 4-Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Jet Spa, Blufree Bluetooth Speaker With Colorful Lights, Spa Frog @Ease Floating System for Hot Tubs, Sunlite Sports High-Density EVA Foam Dumbbell Set, this waterproof, floating Bluetooth speaker. In our research, we found that the average cost of running an inflatable hot tub is $600 per year. Even though the basics are the same across the models listed here, there are some key factors to consider in your buying decision. Although a cover won’t maintain the water at a temperature comfortable for soaking, keeping it as warm as possible shortens the time it takes to heat it up when you want to use it. Many manufacturers use a segmented inflatable design, reinforced with a vertical I-beam structure inside. Packed with over 170 jets, the tub can be ready for water in just 20 minutes and can be deflated easily for storage. All Rights Reserved. It consists of an inflatable tub made of PVC or vinyl, as well as an external combination pump and heater unit that controls both water temperature and jets. © With a cord which is only 12 foot long, you may need to consider carefully the location you have in mind. There's been a lot of demand for anything backyard related this season, including hot tubs. This is one of the latest inflatable hot tubs today. XLD Store Novelty Hot Tub Sign ($16.85; You’ll have to think ahead to start heating the water a day before you want to use it, unless you keep it at a relatively warm temperature all the time, because it takes a while to heat. The Lay-Z-Spa inflatable is also available in a bigger 6-person hot tub capacity, namely the Palm Springs and Paris models. The top hot tub deals for Cyber Monday 2020, featuring all the top portable inflatable hot tub discounts Cyber Monday hot tub deals are underway. Layered vinyl or PVC is standard for inflatable hot tubs, but many models reinforce the walls of the tub with fabrics like polyester or nylon. The Intex 77 PureSpa Bubble 28403E has heavy-duty construction and a good selection of accessories at a very reasonable price. This makes the pumping action more efficient in terms of the benefits of massage. These internal vinyl panels make for a sturdier tub, one that can support users leaning against it or even sitting directly on the outer wall of the spa. Password reset email has been resent. We’ve found the best inflatable hot tubs from brands such as Coleman, Intex, Bestway, Saluspa, and Aleko, and there’s truly an option for everyone in our handy guide. The Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is one of the most popular inflatable hot tubs out there because of its affordability, quality construction and Coleman’s well-earned reputation for customer service. Top Ten Reviews is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. They make great Christmas presents and even if it’s just a treat for yourself, you definitely deserve it. Measuring 71 inches wide and 26 inches tall with a four-person capacity, it's not too big or too small. The Bluetooth feature connects to your phone, and the speaker accepts voice commands so you can accept and make calls without moving a muscle. Precisely, most of hot tubs are made for maximum of 1 04 degree Fahrenheit, which is quite a standard temperature. Unlike inflatable hot tubs, the best hot tubs in our guide will work year-round to ease stiffness and pain and help you relax over the holidays.The same can be said for the best swim spas, many of which are made by the same hot tub brands as those featured in this guide.A swim spa can be used year-round to help you stay active and reduce joint pain and inflammation. Any hot tub you consider should include the basic filter cartridges necessary for use, if not an extra filter or two. CNN Sans ™ & © 2016 Cable News Network. Best square inflatable hot tub: Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet Prices and links are current as of 11/3/20. It has a combination pump and heater that circulates water first through a built-in water softener then a water filter. Made of waterproof composite materials, these panels provide a rigid wall that protects and insulates the hot tub. It has vertical interior vinyl panels to give it support and prevent sagging over time. However, most need to be drained and physically cleaned on a fairly regular basis. One other thing that makes this one of the best inflatable hot tubs on the market is that the manufacturer has backed it with a 5-year warranty on the shell and 1-year warranty on all electronics. If you plan to leave the tub filled for days or weeks at a time, you’ll also want one that includes chemicals like chlorine or bromine, along with the necessary dispenser and test strips to monitor the pH levels of the water. Currently, the best inflatable hot tub is the Intex PureSpa Plus. The design of an inflatable hot tub is simple. OK, maybe the pineapple drink holder is a bit much for your taste. Further, as the best inflatable hot tub for the money it has all the required features for an inflatable tub. This deluxe inflatable hot tub from Coleman is designed for four people. The tub holds 210 gallons of water and can support four adults at a time. The pump and can also hold Bestway’s inflatable hot tub back. Remember that a hot tub full of water and bathers is extremely heavy and can cause damage or injury if … Out list has great inflatable hot tubs that cost between $300-$700, depending on size and features. Before buying any inflatable hot tub with jets, you can select any of the options mentioned above by knowing what type of jets would best suit your personality.. Don’t worry about the overall massaging experience; it’s nearly the same! Let the tub fully air dry after rinsing before filling it back up. Second, the lid helps hold in heat. Tubs can take a long while to fill up and warm up, so this is a time when smaller is better. Many of the best inflatable hot tubs don’t come with seats built-in, so you may need to buy the seats separately. The Best Intex Inflatable Hot Tub: Intex 28429E PureSpa Plus An inexpensive inflatable spa is perhaps one of the best recreational investments you can have today. In that case, this drink float should do the trick. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, An included pressure gauge helps you avoid overinflating, and an included tightening wrench is specially designed to tighten the valve setting to prevent leaking over time. Don’t get out of the tub to grab a drink; float it on this whimsical pineapple tray. Acrylic hot tubs are the most widely used spas. Just note that all jets are noisy when running. Bestway 60038E St. Lucia SaluSpa St.Lucia AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub (67" x 26"), Gray 1.0 out of 5 stars 2 Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe 6 Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Bubble Jet Spa with Wireless Controls, Hardwater Treatment, Filter and Cover 4.6 out of 5 stars 197 It has two cup holders, two phone holders and a space in the center for other bits and bobs. “The heater is minimally sized, a compromise with plug and play spas, and as such, in very cold temperatures the tub may likely struggle to hold maximum temperatures.”, Coleman SaluSpa Miami Air Jet ($824.99, originally $1,199.99; or, or $844.93; Best inflatable hot tubs. Intex PureSpa 6-Person 290-Gallon Outdoor Bubble Hot Tub ($889.99, originally $1,409.99; It can keep water hot for longer times and it has superior design with gorgeous blue color. Success! That’s a hefty price tag for something we might forget about as soon as we can hit the hot tub at the gym or spa again. Save up to $600 on a variety of hot tubs at - check the latest prices on standard, inflatable, & plug & play hot tubs. Fortunately, Bestway’s inflatable hot tub comes with a pump and can that will inflate it in seconds, as opposed to other inflatable hot tubs that typically take a lot longer to inflate. The air jets are no joke. The inflatable hot tub is easy to set up and doesn’t take long to inflate. This includes budget two-person inflatable hot tubs for small spaces and low maintenance costs, and luxurious seven-seater inflatable hot tubs for entertaining or simply providing a great room to stretch out and relax after a long day. Stay a little bit longer by bringing along a deck of these waterproof playing cards. A Warner Media Company. Construction Save up to $600 on a variety of hot tubs at - check the latest prices on standard, inflatable, & plug & play hot tubs. If you need to stimulate specific muscles, look at a tub’s jet location placements. This sturdy bathtub is made of thick PVC and it has seating facility for 2 person. If aesthetics are your thing, this large inflatable hot tub comes in a lovely gray wood finish and has everything you’ll need for an easy setup: an insulated cover, a filter, a hard water system, LED lights, two headrests, an inflation hose and even a bag to help store it all. Intex PureSpa Plus Round 6-Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Spa ($1,049.99; or $1,099.99;, This 290-gallon behemoth comes with all of the bells and whistles, including a cozy six-person capacity. It gives you plenty of settings to play with. First, it keeps out leaves, debris and animals so your inflatable hot tub stays clean. There’s even a control panel so you can control the jets at the press of a button. Just as you would with a standard pool, you should change your inflatable hot tub’s filter once a week or so to keep it clean and debris-free. It features a powerful jet blower for a relaxing bubble massage and includes a pump. There are bathtubs in the market with near to no air or hydro jets that can often deceive people. While most of the inflatable spas will work in a mild winter, our best inflatable hot tub for winter is the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa. The Siena Airjet Lay-Z-Spa hot tub is one of the best hot tubs to take with you on a camping trip, seeing as it’s so small, portable and boasts a tool-free installation. The thermal ground cloth this inflatable spa comes with protects the bottom of the tub while adding a layer of insulation. This includes budget two-person inflatable hot tubs for small spaces and low maintenance costs, and luxurious seven-seater inflatable hot tubs for entertaining or simply providing a great room to stretch out and relax after a long … Steve says, “Just like any hot tub, these require a stable, flat concrete or paving stone pad to sit on. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest portable hot tubs since 2015. Thank you for signing up to Top Ten Reviews. This tub comes with an impressive 114 bubble jets, and a cushioned floor. I was not only surprised with the amount of bubbles and pressure but totally thrilled with my first use of it, and it only gets better each time I do use it.”, Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe 4-Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Jet Spa ($949.99, originally $1,379.99; The Intex Pure Spa is our editor’s choice for the best inflatable hot tub that can seat up to 6 people. Although this spa claims to be for four people, its petite size makes it spacious and comfy for two. It is important that the ground is level to support the large and dynamic weight of the water.”. You also activate the 120 jets using the digital readout. The jets are powered by the same air pump you use to inflate the tub. Please refresh the page and try again. All inflatable spas include a locking top cover for safety reasons. But Steve admits that no matter which inflatable hot tub you choose, you can’t beat the fact that you “simply set them up, fill them up, heat them up and enjoy.”, Coleman SaluSpa 4-Person Square Portable Inflatable Outdoor Hot Tub Spa ($824.99, originally $1,199.99; or $874.99;, This well-reviewed inflatable tub from Coleman is a square shape, which makes it easier to fit four guests without feeling cramped. It’s no surprise, then, that the idea of having your very own hot tub is more tempting than ever before. With thousands of happy users, the Coleman SaluSpa inspires confidence and the Coleman hot tub reviews are always positive. The content is created by CNN Underscored. With regular maintenance, you can keep your inflatable hot tub running optimally all year round and use it whenever you want. Get the best reviews, product advice, news and more! Good, Clean Fun Just like a permanent hot tub, your inflatable Jacuzzi needs proper care and hot tub accessories to operate efficiently. Visit our corporate site. By subscribing, you agree to our privacy policy. Regardless of insulation style, you’ll want a cover that’s more than a fitted piece of fabric. Size it up: Steve says that “choosing the right one for you will be a matter of size.” He also shares that two- and four-person models seem to be the most popular. Sunlite Sports High-Density EVA Foam Dumbbell Set (starting at $14.88; Most models have a filter you can clean and reuse, though you may want to replace it if it’s old. The inflatable Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage is one of the most awesome portable hot tubs that can help you make the habit of washing away your aches and pains through a warm bath. © 2020 Cable News Network. It has a stylish external wood pattern and an aluminum foil coating to keep water extra warm. This is the best compact inflatable hot tub, Capacity: 2 people | Maximum temperature: 108 degrees | Jets: 130. This plastic sign that reads “Life Is Better in the Hot Tub” is a lighthearted piece of decor that says what everyone probably already knows but might not say out loud. Other accessory manufacturers offer a ground mat to protect the bottom of the tub, built-in water softening, and built-in or attachable seat cushions and cup holders. Save up to 43% on best-selling inflatable hot tubs … With all these things in mind, let us head over to our top 10 best inflatable hot tubs in 2020 reviews. With its 127 AirJets, it will give you a relaxing spa experience in the great outdoors.

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