realism philosophy of education

He must have full mastery of the knowledge of present life. According to this philosophy, education contains those important and practical and useful activities which make man self-dependent and useful member of the society. These general laws are seen as universal natural law. Child has to be given as much freedom as possible. Realistic education is connected with the needs of life. As we have a slogan in Naturalism- ‘ Back to Nature ‘ – in Realism we have a slogan-‘ Things rather than words ‘. From this very general philosophical position, the Realist would tend to view the Learner as a sense mechanism, the Teacher as a demonstrator, the Curriculum as the subject matter of the physical world (emphasizing mathematics, science, etc. Goodness, for the realist, would be found in the laws of nature and the order of the physical world. The one functions largely at the level of sense perception, the other more especially at the conceptual level. Past activity is no guarantee of future activity. The sense-realists emphasized the three things : a)      Application of inductive method formulated by Bacon in order to organize and simplify the instructional process. Sorrow is more predominant than joy in the world. It’s not … Realists believe that reality exists independent of the human mind. The articles address topics like naturalism, pragmatism, idealism, realism, and Islamic philosophy of education. c)      To substitute new scientific and social studies in place of the studies in language and literature. Are imaginations, emotions and sentiments not real needs of human life? One flies from senses and particulars, to the most general axioms and from these principles and infallible truth determines and discovers intermediate axioms….the other constructs axioms from the senses and particulars by ascending continually and gradually, so as to teach most general axioms last of all. Ethics and Aesthetics merely "Re-present" the logic, order, balance of the universe. According to sense-realists nature is the treasure house of all knowledge and this knowledge can be obtained through the training of the senses. Experiences are influenced by the external world which has real existence.” (Dr. Pandey Ram Shakal : An Introduction to Major philosophies of Education, pp. In educational theory and practice, the scientific realists might be criticized for the following reasons: Realism treats metaphysics as meaningless. The ultimate reality is the world of physical objects. To do this he uses lectures, demonstrations, and sensory experiences, The teacher does not do this in a random or haphazard way; he must not only introduce the student to nature, but show him the regularities, the “rhythm” of nature so that he may come to understand natural law. Realism about the external world? Most philosophers and scientists are chary of such absolutes. The realist in their method approves anything which involves learning through sensory experience whether it be direct or indirect. One has to adjust oneself to this material world. It is ordered by natural laws which control the relationships himself with it or not. Neo-Realism is really a philosophical thought. Realism admits real feelings and needs of life on the one hand, gives no place to imagination and sentiment, on the other. Let us look at the old question about the falling tree on the desert island for a moment. He feels that traditional logic needs to be supplemented by the science of mathematics because of the inaccuracy and vagueness both of words and grammer.He thinks that if logical relations are to be stated accurately .they must be represented by mathematical symbols and equations, words are too bungle some. शिक्षण प्रक्रिया में शिक्षक को अनेक कार्य एक साथ करने पड़ते हैं जैसे लिखना, प्रश्न पूछना, स्पष्ट करना, प्रदर्शन करना... classical literature should be studied but not for studying its form and style but for its content and ideas it contained.

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