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Our magazine is gear heavy featuring a plethora of guns, trucks, atv's, knives, watches, and more. 6 comments. Solvent Trap News Sitemap Categories Shop All Solvent Trap Kits Dry Storage Cups Solvent Trap Parts Info Solvent Traps Direct 2101 Main Street, Suite 111 Baker City, Oregon 97814 ONLINE STORE OPEN 24/7/365 Mon 9 © 2020 Recoil Magazine Quietbore is a top seller of high quality Solvent Traps & Firearms Accessories. Have baffles drilled with different aperture sizes in order to make this a modular silencer that's always caliber-specific? Two complete kits will be available, the JK 155R and JK 155P. We DO NOT sell on eBay or through other solvent trap web sites. Washington ... JK 155 MST (Modular Solvent Trap™) Kits From $250 . The JK 155 MST kit also came with a set of 3D-printed tools, and the STL files for them will be available on the JK Armament site if you want to print out your own set. Solvent traps can be purchased legally without a Form 1. Disclosure: These links are affiliate links. It's the pet project of Jake Kunsky, who has over 20 years of experience in industrial and weapons machining, ranging from making automotive and farming parts to silencers and firearms. INCLUDES: (1) JK 155R 5/8X24 Heavy Duty Thread Mount (1) JK 155 2.5'' Tube (8) JK 155R Cup Do some research on which method you want to use for clipping; remember that this isn't a welded stack and it will be virtually impossible to line up asymmetrical cuts. If I were to purchase one and file a form 1 to turn it into a suppressor, does anyone know what measurement to use for the overall length? If you do decide to make any modifications that re-purpose the solvent trap into anything other than a cleaning, storage, & safety device, it The experience of Jake Kunsky shows in this design, and it brings a lot of advanced features to a home builder that would otherwise require expensive equipment or regale yourself with eBay parts. "JK Armament is selling parts and products for solvent traps. § 5845(a)(7). The accessories such as the booster adapter (with more to come) are icing on the cake. Federal Syntech 150gr quickly became the round of choice for this one. Quick question regarding the JK Armament pistol solvent trap. While these are intended to be used for Form 1 builds, we teamed up with a NFA manufacturer so that not only did we not have to wait, but we could make some modifications along the way if we ran into problems. JK Armament Modular Solvent Trap Conversion To Suppressor. I go into detail on how to convert a JK Armament Modular Solvent Trap (MST) into a fully LEGAL, functional and working suppressor. 265 talking about this. Ive gone down this road before myself having a JK armament trap/form1 suppressor. Rated 4.00 out of 5 $ 269.99 $ 239.99 $ 269.99 $ 239.99 Read more Quick View. I hope so at least. No recommendation or endorsement of any modification, work or alteration to our product is made by these statements. Cras mattis consectetur purus sit amet fermentum. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, (1) JK 155R 5/8X24 Heavy Duty Thread Mount. SKU: JK-155R-LTNM Categories: Solvent Traps , Smoke Stack Manufacturer: JK Armament If you drill too fast or don't use cutting oil you can wreck one of these by chipping it if you're not careful. All of these booster assemblies are readily available, which is why they're popular with homebuilders. "JK Armament is selling parts and products for solvent traps. A crime is committed if you make the alterations before obtaining the tax stamp. [For an in-depth look at submitting a BATFE Form 1 online check out our article here–and pay particular attention to the part about required markings.]. Would like to know if my order is going to back ordered for two weeks or is it in stock ???? You asked for it and here it is! At Wedge Machine Works we strive to produce the highest quality components for your solvent trap needs. Oh yes, you can do that too. This concentration of IPA is not as commonly used as a disinfectant, but as a solvent or cleaning Hence, it makes sense to use a hydrophobic solvent. Any such work, alteration and/ or modification is done at the sole risk and liability of the product owner. JK Armament is selling parts and products for solvent traps. Kunsky tells us he gained exceptional hands-on experience over the course of his four combat deployments to Iraq, realizing his passion for weapons development along the way. Ideally you'll want a booster assembly that fits more flush to the can itself, and those can be purchased from Griffin Armament, SilencerCo, Torrent Suppressors (pictured above), and more. I go into detail on how to convert a JK Armament Modular Solvent Trap (MST) into a fully LEGAL, functional and working suppressor. The same jig also works for endcaps, and since the jig itself is made of aluminum the vice can squeeze it hard enough that the endcap won't rotate out when you drill. But a little bit of advanced planning can make for a helluva versatile can, especially if you use what we're about to show you. While Gemtech steered away from their legacy piston of yesteryear with the Lunar-45, they recently brought it back with the launch of the Lunar-9. It’s coming. For NAPA 4003 WIX 24003 - 1/2-28 5/8-24 Fuel Filter Aluminum Solvent Trap-Buy 2 Free Shipping. ATF Eform 1. Apr 7, 2020 - JK Armament Solvent Trap + Silencer Shop Form 1 Service = Fast Suppressors - JK Armament and Silencer Shop have teamed up to provide customers with an efficient way to buy, build and register a silencer that starts out as a solvent trap. § 921(a)(3)(C) and 26 U.S.C. ", 2504 Auburn Way N. JK Armament is located in Bruneau, Idaho and was established in 2019. This includes Federal as well as state, county and municipal laws and regulations. This includes third party liability. Jake Kunsky is a US Veteran and the owner and operator of all Patent-Pending JK Armament products. "JK Armament is selling parts and products for solvent traps. Everything with this model is anodized 7075 aluminum, but we anticipate further material choices and designs will be available in the future from JKA.

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