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Updated 8:01 PM ET, Fri October 19, 2018 . Magpies are more likely to attack … But here are a few tricks to get you through swooping season unscathed - and a few classic tactics that don't work. Magpies are not endangered species, but are protected. adj [ … Report back if you survive, otherwise I’ll see you in the funny pages. Granted, in a leafy suburb, that might add a few streets to your walk. Jump on and you’ll see just as many ‘swooped while walking’ as there is ‘swooped while cycling’. If you spot a magpie at a nest or are being swooped, the advice is to stay calm and to leave the area, Sean Dooley from Birdlife Australia told Sunrise. Mr Orel said it was important to remember that the magpies were only acting on instinct. It's that time of year again. Ive been swooped hundreds ofs times so I know what Im talking about. They're trying to keep the chicks safe and get the threat out of the territory. I got attacked by a magpie today and injured my ear. Feeding the pests … I don’t have time to feed the ten thousand or more Magpies that nest in and near my town. It's officially Spring, which means the return of the dreaded Magpie season. And if you do encounter an aggressive magpie, make sure you note the spot, as they like to return to the same nesting areas each year. It’s clearly because you’re a goose, ya goose! Furthermore, when we flee from the onslaught, the bird’s main objective — moving a dangerous predator on — is successful and the behaviour rewarded. For example, in a Brisbane study, the birds targeted either pedestrians only (about 50 per cent), posties only (10 per cent) or cyclists only (10 per cent) with remarkably few being less catholic in their preferences. My local paper was using an image of a Butcher Bird and was calling it a Magpie. Thing is the magpies around here are pretty confident, have some food in your hand and it’ll fly right to ya. Enter your email below. Magpies attack Helmets, cause they Helmets freak them out. When Im out in the garden I theres always about four magpies that hang around me, like, hanging out next to me. if (typeof siteads.queue !== 'undefined') { It protects & shields against swooping bird attacks & the harsh Australian sun. if (typeof siteads.queue !== 'undefined') { This will only encourage the pest to breed beyond its natural capacity and create a greater risk to the cyclists they will swoop who don’t feed them. I live in Magpie Hell. The app is available in the Appstore, and we are on Facebook as well. The magpie at home we just ended up feeding……now it comes over and gives you a worm if you’re sitting outside, it also seems to show off its babies to you, we call it frank. They will come and take food from our hands. One of the numerous unexpected findings of research I’ve been a part of was the extent to which those magpies that are aggressive specialise on particular groups of people. Wrong! Or take the advice in this song I wrote after being swooped by a Magpie. I think best way to stop getting swooped is to avoid the birds if possible, and with that in mind, I had an app developed. Small group of kindergartners on a field trip should placate them. The only thing I have ever done to a magpie was back-handing one as it came in for an attack. 2. Dr Kelly explained that magpies usually attack in spring but could be swooping ahead of schedule due to a sudden change in temperature. Given that most adult magpies, once they settle down with a mate, almost never leave their territory, it is highly likely that they know and recognise all the people that they share this space with (an ability well established among close relatives). swoop. Unfortunately, most of our attempts to test this traditional approach failed; the birds appeared not to notice the eyes, or attacked from the side instead. colour trigger — they just hate orange/yellow/purple. Swoop Away is an Australian designed brim specifically for use with bicycle Spring is the season of rebirth, but it’s also the season of swooping magpies. Of course, some were entirely non-discriminating and maniacally swooped any vaguely human intruder regardless of mode of transport. & activity helmets. Not sure if this is generations of them attacking cyclists, or the unnatural look a helmet presents, BUT THEY REALLY HATE HELMETS. The way Magpies get portrayed, you’d think every one of them in Australia swooped! This is not the case. Anyone concerned about swooping magpies in their area should contact the Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055. I’m beginning to panic already. If I were you guys, I would just post this every two months or so… Because that doesn’t smack at all of Today/Tonight’s “journalistic” practices…. Overall, it's really better to try to make friends. It is mostly the male magpie doing so. Just keep facing them and they wont swoop, in my experience anyway. I can’t find the video now (at work) but there is a group who tested this and they ended up with either taking off the helmet or a novelty afro wig from a $2 shop stopped a magpie from swooping. This may sound stupid but it works, cover your helmet with a wig or faux fur (sometimes fabric works too). FINALLY PEACE OF MIND FROM ANGRY MAGPIE ATTACKS!! Where it is possible for an aggressive magpie to know people as individuals, providing small food snacks (cat food) in an obvious way such that the bird can associate the treats with the person often lead to complete cessation of hostilities. You could also try a biohazard suit, a full head gas helmet, or an astronaut helmet would also work well. That might seem like a long time to avoid being dive-bombed in your own backyard, but there'll be plenty of sunshine left to enjoy after it's over, usually some time in November. And when especially dim-witted humans — by continuing toward the nest — don’t seem to get the hint, the intensity of the message can become more and more pronounced. Property News: 12 edibles to plant this spring - Just be thankful that only around 5% of magpies attack humans otherwise the carnage inflicted in Hitchcock’s “The Birds” would look pretty lame in comparison. Typically, we found that such birds were almost always associated with locations with a lot of people: schoolyards, car parks, or busy park lands. Have a safe spring. If you think that these bloody birds are picking on you specifically, you are probably right! Yes, from September to November each year in eastern Australia it is magpie madness time and few people, even children, are safe. My view is that some non-aggressive swooping has to be tolerated, but as a cyclist getting swooped ten or more times in a 20-40k ride here is the norm, not the exception. Don’t let your pet attack birds as this may trigger swooping. Had one near the front of my uni and i just had to keep looking at him for a good 200 meters. Magpies can hear the sound of grubs and worms under the ground. Using Protective Measures Walk in groups to discourage attacks. Magpies swoop because they…. To improve your experience, The start of spring heralds a lot of welcome changes for Australia - warmer weather, longer evenings, and of course the, annual debate about when Christmas treats should arrive in shops. September is the peak of Australia’s own version of “home-grown terrorism” (as memorably described to me by a distraught and bleeding school principal, valiantly attempting to protect his pupils), when a small but conspicuous proportion of magpies throughout the country begin to attack otherwise innocent passersby. Otherwise, any method that may negate contact with the head is worth trying: sticks, hats, helmets and umbrellas. It's also safer to travel in groups, as magpies prefer to swoop on lone people. With my luck I’d be fined $80 for not wearing a personal safety device. Magpies do not remember faces-if that were true then they wouldn’t attack the first time round as they could not remember a face they’ve never seen before. Yes, I wish to receive exclusive discounts, special offers and competitions from our partners. According to Dr Darryl Jones, only around 10% of the magpie population attack and he also says, ‘savage magpie attacks’ are … Friend of mine was riding a bike with helmet on. Lets see what happens …. I have so many terrible memories of those stupid birds. Magpie season. They might hate helmets, but it doesn’t stop them from swooping runners or walkers. Magpies are renowned for targeting individuals they perceive as threats. There is a pair that have raised chicks here for 6 years and because we feed them occasionally (they like mince) they have never attached anyone walking down the street. Most of us are familiar with the swooping of magpies, and many of us have probably fallen victim to a swooping or two during our lives! Likewise, the sharp-looking helmet protrudences are a hopeful deterrent to the oncoming bird, suggesting an uncomfortable outcome should contact be made. Magpies, like their corvid cousin crows, are clever birds and remember faces. Share to Facebook There are provisions in law for Magpies that are aggressive and present a safety risk to be removed or culled. My strategy has been to, as soon as one swoops me, to stare straight at him (usually accompanied by a few choice words) and don’t look away for a moment. A CSIRO carpark had a magpie swopping bikers in their carpark… so they they played scientist The app has only just come on-line so the number of locations will not be great, but to see what the app is capable of, have a look at the map of Bendigo, VIC – lots of swooping hotspots pin-pointed. Magpie still got a piece of his eyebrow, When a magpie swoops me I find its nest and destroy it…. The old eyes-facing-backwards scheme is actually based on a sound behavioural concept: most magpies do attack from behind and are unlikely to do so if they think that they are being watched. The department says - obviously enough - the easiest way to avoid being swooped is to change your walking route, as magpies will only defend the territory within 50 metres of the nest. As the app is interactive, the more people who use it, the more people will benefit. says only one in 20 male magpies will swoop to protect their incubating mates, and eight out of ten people in magpie territory will never get swooped. Maggies like some mince with a bit of added calcium. “with remarkably few being less catholic in their preferences.” – Crazy Christian loving bird or nobody wants to associate themselves as a christian any more?…. in my neighbourhood. What is the use in protecting you head from the magpies but leaving it vulnerable to the road in case of accident (I do realize that you are not officially advocating not wearing a helmet but that is probably the effect it will have). Just make sure they have a bad regular season then they won’t show up in September… oh wait the animal not the footy team yeah i just send my cat after them, I am more scared of those Masked Lapwings in Tassie they are ferocious things that have swooped me on more than 10 occasions. Ah, it’s that time of year again. Spring is widely known as the ‘swooping season’ in Australia when magpies attack humans and other birds if they stray too close while their fledglings hatch and nest, Reuters reported. Magpie swooping season occurs each year across the country in September and October, during Australia's springtime. Watch the brand new series Saved By The Bell now on Stan. Bad news for cyclists though - magpies are almost certain to react to anything that large and fast-moving as if it's a predator. Some one has to first get seriously injured or killed before appropriate action is taken by the authorities it seems……….. You’re riding your bike, which means you have a helmet on, which means even if they peck you it won’t do anything. its like the butcher birds protect us as we walk!! Dived straight at me front on, heard that “click” then it collected the top of the window frame, tumbled, hit the back of the roof as the targa top was removed, tumbled, then hit the wing. I do tend to agree that the birds will chase a cyclist for longer than a pedestrian but I don’t think they really discriminate helmet or no helmet. Finally, an unconventional — and controversial — approach should be mentioned, simply because, in the right circumstances, it really does work. Whilst most magpie swooping occurs between August and October, some magpies have been … true story. 2. comprehensive in interests, tastes, etc. Magpie attacks at New Lambton. but they always catch you by surprise. Birdlife Australia’s national public affairs manager, Sean Dooley, said magpies can recognise upwards of 100 people on normal occasions. If you can spot where the nest is, be sure to move away from it - but not too quickly. We are of course talking about magpie swooping season, and standing on the precipice of it, here's what you should know about what's coming. So I can’t tell you whether our Australian magpies are any more aggressive than anybody else’s magpies. Explanations for this all-too familiar behaviour are legion, with passionate advocates for more plausible theories such as: While there is a lot we don’t yet know about this phenomena, all of the research conducted to date points clearly to the protective parent hypothesis. Trouble with the Neighbours will surely already know. The first sign of Magpie Season are the warning signs the Council puts up at bus stops in a known magpie areas. Darryl Jones is Deputy Director of the Environmental Futures Centre at Griffith University. Video Of Magpie Attacking Child Shows Australia Has World's Scariest Animals It’s magpie swooping season in Australia. Best of luck dude! They wont swoop if they think they are being watched. Im not sure who comes up with all this nonsense abut how they remember faces-its a load of rubbish. You are basically paying them protection money. I have been swooped regularly over the years – always thought it was the colour of my hair (red-ish). And you can track what swoopers other people have spotted online at, 'Major catastrophe': Surgeon calls for hernia mesh ban, Couple's mass shooting triggered by office Christmas party dispute, Urgent alert for train passengers as NSW records first case in weeks, Australia's vaccine options all 'promising', says PM, Jogger scratched and stalked by kangaroo in 'nightmare' attack, Koala makes itself at home in South Australian woman's Christmas tree after 'wandering in', Animal attacks taking terrible toll in Kashmir - one species in particular. Known as ‘swooping season,’ magpie attacks soar in September-October as the birds breed and guard their nests. Being so common and virtually ubiquitous in Australia, this phenomenon has lead to the development of lots of counter-measures including: Such tactics can be roughly placed into one of three categories: The success of these categories can be equally roughly evaluated as “futile”, “well worth trying” and “sensibly obvious”, respectively. Waving sticks, using eyes on the back of helmets, spikes, or staring at Magpies when they swoop etc etc etc does not work to prevent or deter ongoing attack. paint eyes on the back of your bike helmet, hold up a branch etc.) Cant look any more stupid than cable ties, fake eyes, coloured pipe cleaners stuck to it. Any advice for the dropbear season? A time of tentatively watching the skies, seeing the magpie swooping warning signs posted on poles and trees, and making amendments to the bike route. Magpie season: Why Australians hide from birds every spring. Magpies seem to have very good memories and have attacked the same people over subsequent seasons and others they just leave alone. ... rather than a deliberate attack. A small percentage of birds become highly aggressive during breeding season from late August to late November – early December or occasionally late February to late April – early May, and will swoop and sometimes attack passersby. 1. That way cyclists and other members of the public can avoid troublesome birds! We used to use a super-soaker in our neighbourhood when we were kids. So, what, are they knocking you off your bike? }. catholic used as an adjective with a lower case c. catholic [ˈkæθəlɪk ˈkæθlɪk] This article was originally published at The Conversation, and has been revised and updated since its original publication date. I also used to get anxiety walking home from school. The bane of my childhood! In some cases on a 5k ride you can swooped 6-10 times. Now you can get the top stories from Lifehacker delivered to your inbox. There are about a hundred or more swoop sites in the town where I live and the authorities won’t do a darn thing. I’m gonna give it a try – victory or death! Video: Australian Magpie Dangerous Attack During attack, these birds would mostly strike on the head of the victim with their beaks and claws. There are so many theories on how to prevent it from happening (e.g. They see us as potential snack providers not predators. Greystanes resident Peter Danieluk says the magpie was responsible for giving him a heart attack last year during a swooping frenzy. Wrong! Guess Ive never been considered a threat by them. Paul McDonald, an Associate Professor in Animal Behaviour at University of New England, told 9News magpie attacks will occur most often in high traffic areas such as parks or on bike paths. While Magpie Season “officially” runs from July to November, the beginning of Spring is when we traditionally see the swooping action begin through Brisbane’s suburbs. The good news is that a single magpie will swoop for only about six weeks until their chicks are fledged and leave the nest, so magpie breeding season is usually all over by November. It is certainly the most significant human-wildlife conflict in the towns and cities of this country. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use and I never once thought that taking my helmet off would work as a form of dissuasion. Not all Magpies swoop in breeding season. Ican avoid some sites, and for a few weeks take a break from riding the bike, but as cycling is my sport, I need to train and ride regularly and it is not unreasonable to expect to be able to for most of the year without my safety being put at risk by these pests because it seems no one in authority is willing to address the problem. … Or possibly, @brodiek was being, you know … ironic? Only time they didnt get swoop was when he took off the helmet, they dont like the colour, or the shine of it…. Now i am scared to come home the same route as today and i cant avoid it.. So what is going on with these otherwise favourite Aussie icons? But I can tell you ours are aggressive. Just kidding. Last year I nearly hit a car as I was swerving into the road…. Australian man suffers double eye injury in magpie swooping attack after 'conversation' turns ugly ... one birdlife expert warned Victoria’s magpie swooping season might … Magpie swoops in bloody attack on Victorian man’s eyes. yes, works for me too. If I keep doing it then that 10% strain will die out…. Now, I’m no ornithologist, (had to look that one up) as those of you who have read my post Oh No! If it's attacked you before probably a good idea to use an alternative route next season! This strategy has worked very well for us too. I guess that this wouldn’t work for me being that I have a shiny bald head. A police officer in Queensland was reminded that magpie swooping season has started in Queensland, Australia. There are other places for Magpies to nest. A bit of rat poison mixed in and the attacks ceased completely. Magpie attacks aren't as common as you (and the media) might think. We have a massive over-population of the pest in this area. I’d wear a hat – still get swooped. }. No need to shoot yourself – it will all be over by the end of Spring. It’s only when it’s spelled with an uppercase ‘C’ that it becomes a noun and has a religious meaning. Male magpies are adapted to drive away potential predators, and are especially when the chicks are vulnerable nestlings. I had no choice but to walk through an area with a cranky magpie and he always seemed to target me. A North Canterbury woman is warning people to keep an eye on the skies after being left startled and bloodied by a magpie attack. They nest in the tree out front of the house and attack you as soon as you walk out the front door! The problem is, looking backwards while riding the bike away isn’t exactly a safe thing to do either. I’d try and wait for him to be distracted by someone else but wasn’t always the case. Wrong! Lawrence Orel from the National Parks and Wildlife Service told that in many cases, magpies who swooped had often been provoked in previous seasons. I’ve only every been swooped once, luckily I had a helmet on. Wear a bike helmet – still get swooped. Starting with the clearest approach, knowing that most magpies limit their attacks to an area surrounding the nest tree (though some cyclist-specialists can carry on for quite away), simply avoiding known hot-spots is certainly the best bet.

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